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【Hazbin Hotel Comic Dub】Everyone Wants Alastor

✨ Alastor and his pack of simps ✨
It’s our first comic dub! Check out the artists below and stay tuned for more Hazbin Hotel shenanigans~

Comic Artist – Maddie


⭐️ WE ARE NOT ASSOCIATED WITH HUNICAST, HAZBIN HOTEL OR A24. We are unofficial voice actors who enjoy making comic dubs. All characters belong to Vivienne “Vivziepop” Medrano ( ⭐️

Go check out the pilot!

Alastor – Marson

Angel Dust – Reed

Charlie/Vaggie – hunnie

Husk – JJ

Niffty – Scarlett

Outro Music – “chocolate” prod. by LukremBo

❗️Please do not repost the audio or video without asking first❗️

Thanks for watching~

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36 Bình luận

  1. Alastor: Tired asexual

    As a fellow asexual, I feel you Alastor. Honestly it’s nice to finally see us asexuals get some proper attention.

  2. Every asexuals nightmare.

  3. Alastor: exists
    Everyone: that's hot

  4. https://youtu.be/YXKCotUAqmQ

    Me after watching this

  5. 0:24 You'd what my what like a what ???

  6. i would love to see in the series where alastor questions why is he working in the hotel because of the randomness that happens

  7. You bitch he is a male

  8. There are two ways he would respond. Either utter disgust or not give a shit.

  9. My hand would never go up so at least Alastor can feel somewhat confident that not everyone wants to sleep with him

  10. Bro I just started watching your s*** and I'm already going to subscribe mainly because of that last little comment 👌🖕😎🤣

  11. I will not going to go see all every season I want to see it all all I tell you

  12. “Thanks for watching b+tch, now get out” this is a line every youtuber should say when the video ends.

  13. I like the ending"thanks for watching b** now get out"

  14. The ending lol

  15. Al: “maintain the five foot rule please”

  16. How do you are you call me that >=( (it’s a joke I don’t really care)

  17. Alastor The og social distancer

  18. Lol

  19. Fandom: omg Alastor~
    Me, kinning him: Sir, you are everything I aspire to be-

  20. ⛥ t̷̹͋̑̍̅̋ŕ̷̝̤̱̈͊͘o̸͈̠̼͈͙̎̽l̷̦̫̺̪͂ͅl̴̙̞̰̩̋ͅ guy

    H o r n i

  21. Im more of a husk simp but that's actually funny and true at the same time

  22. "get a few stiff drinks in me and i would toss that ass like a salad" 😩i wish i was al

  23. Nifty thought he meant to literally sleep with Al and cuddle…
    In my heart she's a romantic and is a pure precious bean not thinking about sex at all. <3

  24. I love how Nifty is just like “🤩” when Angel holds up the bikini to Alistor. She’s just honest

  25. What like a WHAT

  26. "vags, put your hand up. You're lying" 💀💀💀

  27. Is no one going to comment about why there’s a woman in clad clothing in a confessions book…?

  28. Charlie x alastor,No that is something I would like to see

  29. I felt that.
    I’m ace and honestly I get uncomfortable with people looking at me in a sexual way even if they’re not “trying anything”

  30. “Oh look , thanks for watching b**ch now get out” me: 👀

  31. I have too relate I'm les🤭

  32. Angie why so mean

  33. "*tired Asexual*" HA
    for real though yall need to chill with the Al ships. the poor man just wants a break.

  34. Sorry alastor but in the fandomniverse you are pansexual as everyone else 😂😂 (you will be shipped and have your own rule 34 with everyone and anyone as the rest of the characters)

  35. I would just want hug and cuddle him honestly

  36. Charlie: " None of us would actually try anything..! "

    Angel: " Hey al! 👉👌 "

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