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10 Easy Ways To Speed Up Your WordPress Website

No one likes a slow website! Here are 10 easy ways to speed up your WordPress website you can implement TODAY!

Here are 10 practical and actionable tools to help you not only speed up your WordPress website today but also speed up any websites you build in the future.

No one likes a slow website and take longer than 2 seconds and most of your visitors have left and are now browsing your competitor’s websites!

Learn how to Speed Up Your WordPress Website in minutes!

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Take your WordPress website and skills to the next level!

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18 Bình luận

  1. Your recommendations matter to me cause I trust your expertise and honesty. Thank you 🌷

  2. I only see 8 lol, what am I missing?

    1. Change Hosting Provider
    2. Content Delivery Network (CDN)
    3. Reduce Core File Sizes
    4. Easy Image Optimisation
    5. Web Caching Optimisation
    6. Remove Extra Fonts
    7. Remove Useless Redirects
    8. Remove Unnecessary Plugins

  3. thank you so much … helpfull

  4. Prime slider did modify smart phone device culd you plz explain it why

  5. That's a bunch of Jedi grade wisdom right there!… Thanks Paul!

  6. I think the best advice here is to be realistic. Sometimes chasing a number just isn't worth it.

    Another good thing to have installed is a browser page load timer extension, really handy!

  7. Hi Paul,

    What a great video! I have a WordPress website as well, and a high-performing website is important. I think these ways will be very helpful in the process. I am looking forward to trying all of these methods to boost the performance of my website. I really appreciate you sharing all the amazing tools, it will be very helpful in the process. It was such a great watch. I really enjoyed watching this video, will definitely share it within my network.

  8. Hi Paul, thank you so much for this video. I am updating a number of sites and have been trying to accomplish some of the steps you mentioned. I have become increasingly aware of SOME of the points you mentioned but this video really is a great reference for now and the future. Thanks again for a great overview.

  9. great tut Paul!

  10. one word … LEGEND!! Thanks Paul!

  11. Thanks Paul. Really great job on this.

  12. Thank you very much! I think that lazy load can be important to improve the load speed too.

  13. Another great educational video..!! Everything mentioned are essential for any web or agency designer to make sure how to optimise their WordPress sites and the advise here is priceless. You don’t find these kind of straight forward and to the point videos elsewhere with zero fluff … thx again Paul C 😉👌

  14. Any thoughts on Seraphinite Accelerator?

  15. Haven't heard the word "umpteen" in a minute, haha. Thanks for the tips, Paul.

  16. Dear Sir,

    This will really help us in boosting our websites.

    But as i think, these steps is probably more beneficial for existing websites whose web development is over or about to get complete.

    Sir, I would like to know what if the websites are in progress of web development ? What steps should we follow during developing brand new sites ?

    Your tutorials is always very informative and very helpful.

    Please keep guiding us.

    Stay safe , healthy and happy.

    With warm regards,

    Vivek Kumar ( Dehri On Sone, Bihar , India )

  17. Thank you for the information. Do you use an NVMe driver for your server? And if so, what are your experiences?

  18. Hi Paul. I would add to the list a plugin like perfmaters to reduce the requests per page, a db optimization plugin to run once every 2 months and finally update to the latest php and SQL version (or MariaDB) as long as the theme and plugins support them ( backup required)

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