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10 Manhwa You Need To Be Reading

Manhwa/Webtoons generally have lower quality than manga. Luckily, I’m a loser with a lot of time on my hands and have been able to find some of the best ongoing manhwa out there 🙂


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Manhwa is cool top 10 manhwa is even better. Colored folk are the best tho I am also colored. Webtoons are the best tho best manhwa it’s ongoing. Solo leveling is the stuff right boys? ANyway red storm was cool a fairytale for a demon lord is also cool but hardcore leveling warrior is the sickest. Moshi fanren and lookism are aight Koreans know how to make a good story. manga manga new manga. My recommendation is to read more I got the best fantasy and action manga. Tower of God is also a webtoon if you didn’t know. Action. Scamboli out. reviews.

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Scamboli Reviews

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  1. insert obligatory "WHeeRe iS ThIs MAnhWA??!"

    0:44 ***Bastard: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Psychological, romance

    1:44 *Solo Leveling: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen

    2:49 **Red Storm Action: Drama, Shounen, Supernatural

    3:44 *A Fairytale For A Demon Lord: Action, Fantasy, Mystery, Psychological, Romance, Seinen, Tragedy

    5:09 Painkiller: Action, Fantasy, Drama

    6:31 *Hardcore Leveling Warrior: Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen

    7:50 Moshi Fanren: Action, Horror, Manhua, Shounen, Supernatural

    8:52 Her Summon: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Isekai, Manhwa, Shounen

    10:02 *Lookism: Comedy, Drama, Psychological, School Life, Seinen

    11:39 Raid (KIM Jung Hyun): Action, Adventure, Manhwa, Sci-fi

    I don't know why I said Lookism was a romance, I started reading it around the same time as similar story and got them mixed up ig teehee

  2. If you like lookism I think you might also enjoy how to fight or….. viral hit as it’s called in the localization

  3. I'm just wondering what the game in the background is

  4. Knew Demon Lord had to be on this list.
    Was doing something else in the background and the moment you started that intro my eyes went wide.
    Remember reading that as a wee teen well before Manhwa were even a thing in the broader culture.

    Fucking brilliant story.

  5. Bastard was one helll of a good story it's good to know some one else enjoyed it as well

  6. No one talking about Wind Breaker?! It should be in the top tier list aswell

  7. Best ones in this list are Bastard and Her Summon (feels a little underrated cause it's almost a masterpiece imo)

  8. Pause at 1:12 lmao

  9. Can't believe you included My Summon. I thought that was a hidden gem, glad people are recognizing it. I had to drop it due to slow upload time, but you reminded me to go back and finish it with this video.

    Underrated manhwas / webtoons / manga:

    4 Cut Hero:
    Satirical, self aware humor, action, a bit… raunchy… but konosuba/grandblue type comedy. This one $hits all over common cliches with hilarious turnouts. Traditional fantasy world with a hero to slay the demon king, but that's where "traditional" ends. Everything after that flips the genre sideways and shakes it around. Extreme world building, LOTS of character development and backstories, sometimes you won't even see the MC for like 15 chapters – BUT IT WORKS and is still good. Massive underlying story arc of a huge war that's coming in the end. If you're a degenerate like me, you'll love every character you meet – especially the villains.

    Delivery Knight:
    Basically what CNN was saying our future would look like under a Trump presidency, a kinda apocalyptic / Hunger Games world where rich people live in district 1 and everyone outside relies on what are basically Amazon deliveries for food, oxygen tanks, gas masks, etc. Also, there are bandits and refugees who attack the delivery 'knights' who are chosen and ranked for their combat capability (to defend their packages). AWESOME art, awesome fights, TRASH ENDING. It got rushed – so much potential wasted.

    Destroy all of humanity, it cannot be destroyed:
    Okay this is just straight up a manga, but I remembered it now and had to include it JUST IN CASE someone hasn't heard of it and would like it. It's a vanilla high school romance based in the early 2000s I think between an ice queen and a nerdy underdog. Except… they both play Magic the Gathering. If anyone has played this card game, there's tons of references you'll probably get, the story and art is pretty good too.

    American Ghost Jack is another I've never seen anyone else mention or ever hear of. Romance, supernatural, horror.

    My Boo – another romance, supernatural, comedy. Both of these are feel good reads that'll make you want more.

    Not really a manhwa, more of a comic. Action, adventure, huge world building elements. Kinda standard fantasy / magic world, follows a woman who's traveling the world looking for someone, meets friends along the way, tons of adventures 🙂

    Fisheye Placebo:
    Same thing, I don't think it qualifies as a manhwa. Have you ever thought that the government is watching everything you do and using censorship to control people's lives? Just me? Okay then have you ever seen those cat-ear external speaker headphones? This author designed those. This is a dystopian comic with beautiful art, slow updates sadly, but a kinda cyberpunk-ish theme based on China's control of all things digital. Hackers with badass virtual depictions fight against the system. Streetpunks with skateboards and spray paint tag messages of rebellion wherever they go.

  10. “You ate my beans nigga”

  11. I really am bout to flunk physics

  12. Solo leveling was my favourite until I read noblesse and fall in love . Solo leveling is too good but noblesse is my type .
    If there is any manga or manhwa similar to it please tell me about it

  13. yo is it bread storm or red storm lol


  15. the author of bastard also wrote sweet home which is probably one of my favorite manhwa of all time

  16. Too think it's been 2 years since i've read Solo Leveling

  17. I'm surprised I didn't find God of highschool here.

  18. It's hilarious to me that so much fanfiction was turned into popular manga.

  19. I like solo bug player

  20. What’s the name of the 4th

  21. What’s the name of the one at seven minutes in the video

  22. Where is the title off all this manhwa

  23. Def ignoring the dad saying “You ate my beans n word”

  24. The piano song at the end is Le Fleurs Se Souviennent by BERTYSOLO 12:57

  25. what is 8:52 name?

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