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  1. Sorcerer Extreme sounds like an energy drink.

  2. He humiliated his fans by getting that shitty looking new logo

  3. Do anyone know where i can watch the marvel and dc comics for free

  4. That was Daken posing as wolverine though.

  5. The Punisher is The Coolest Antihero Ever

  6. Frank Castle is Brutal

  7. The punisher is fucking awesome and I love his costume.

  8. I don’t know, that story where they ran over the alternate Wolverine with a steamroller left me feeling a little… flat.

    I’m sorry.

  9. My god could Ennis have a bigger boner for the punisher.

    Writes completely shit stories IMO that just wouldn't work.

  10. But yeah as skilled and good at not dieing as he is he shouldn't be able to beat most people with superpowers

  11. Damn why are whatculutures comments so toxic. From my experience they get their facts right. And can't we all just agree punisher is cool. And he can withstand penance state because he believes what he does is right and necessary and he only kills does who deserve it. To him he's bringing justice

  12. How are we not mentioning that he literally shot wolverine in the balls with a machine gun

  13. Rick Remender's Frank-en-Castle was the BEST, MOST realistic iteration of the Punisher. It was my favorite!

  14. Needs more Garth Ennis

  15. I read that “10 Times The Humiliater Punished Everyone“ hahahah

  16. Is anyone at WhatCulture double-checking these lists to make sure the titles and story continuity are accurate? No. 7 – Jules says Frankencastle was prior to Welcome Back Frank, when it was a full decade AFTER Welcome Back
    No. 6 – Jules calls Welcome Back Frank “Born Again” (which is a Daredevil story from 1986 by Frank Miller)
    No. 5 – Daken, Wolverine’s son, killed Frank, not Wolverine (ps. THIS IS FRANKENCASTLE)

  17. Welcome Back Frank was WAY BEFORE Frankencastle. WBF was after Marvel’s failed attempt at making Punisher an Punishing Angel of God (something even worse than Frankencastle)

  18. suprised you didn't include the time he humiliated the NYPD fro using his logo Dosent fire a bullet but BOY does he humiliate them

  19. 5:23 No he doesn't because that is not Wolverine, that is Daken.

  20. Is the worst hero /antihero in ENTIRE marvel universe.

  21. Garth Ellis' major boner for Frank ruins every comic he wrote for the character. Just like with Batman over at DC, its just too ridiculously unbelievable that this absolutely normal man with some guns can beat even one of the super powered characters, let alone teams or all of them. So dumb.

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