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3 Pro Tips for Webcomic Character Design! | Mortinfamia

In this two-part series, Mortinfamia (@MortinfamiART) shares 3 tips on how to start designing your first webcomic character! See how a professional artist designs characters by using the default tools, assets, and reference windows of Clip Studio Paint in the latest “Let’s Create” episode!

Clip Studio Paint’s “Let’s Create” series introduces the workflows, tips, and methodologies of professional artists in tutorial form.

Artist: Mortinfamia

Want to know new tricks to add to your belt? Take a look at “Quick Tips” to master Clip Studio Paint!

New to Clip Studio Paint, or need a refresher on each tool? Check out “Clip Studio Tools”!

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  1. Thumbnail look like Zero Escape Diana

  2. Window-> Sub view???
    OMG! I've been needing something like that for the longest time!!! Thanks!
    Can I load a separate page from my comic into the sub view window so I can make reference to that while I am working on another page of the same comic? I will try that later tonight after work…

  3. I just needed this!

  4. Cool video 👌

  5. 👍 kinda waiting for the next sale to pick up clip studio so I can start digital art

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