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4 Best Chatbots for your WordPress Website

In today’s video, we check out the 4 best chatbots for your WordPress website.

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  1. sabes de algun bot que trabaje localmente?

  2. To all who may know… how do you choose a chatbot platform if you have clients in different industries? Are there ones that would for example be for Real Estate, dentists, gyms, nonprofit and Shopify? Or do some have restrictions? I'm just learning about chatbots and would like some opinions. Thank you to all who have a moment to reply 🥰

  3. The first bot is horrible – have you even TRIED these bots before you recommended them? Honestly horrible video, how can you recommend something you never tried. I'm saying this because if you had tried the WP-Chatbot for messenger, you would know how bad it actually is. Fuck sake.

  4. Amazing! Chatbots really do optimize customer experience! Did you know that businesses annually spend $1.3 trillion on handling customer queries? Chatbots can reduce this by 30%. Kickstart your chatbot journey with a free demo with Engati – http://s.engati.com/2r5

  5. that is cool that you are reading a script and still making good videos ahahah and moneeeyyyy yay

  6. about IBM watson assistant, there is a free tier so you just need to sign up for IBM cloud and it will be free forever until you need something bigger. 🙂

  7. I gave like. but you should add links in the description. You know Y/t SEO right?

  8. does the customer need to have facebook to chat with the messenger bot?

  9. How about a review on cheaper plans? for startup businesses?

  10. I’d recommend tidio.com as it has a really great free plan and super customizable chatbot flow diagrams and options. You can upgrade as you scale, too! Highly recommend! Thanks for the video!

  11. Iv not come across 3 of these. The ones I have tried are manychat and then MobileMonkey.

  12. bots.ai

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