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5 Tips For Making Comics

5 simple tips for making comics for the first time.

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Ebbe Waxin

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  1. Thanks for this!

  2. People who go out for milk, their ending is always a mystery. At least that's how it was for my dad. Still don't know where he's at

  3. "Don't over design/
    Me looking at my character's outfit that has 12 hearts:…

  4. is it easier to go from page to webtoon or the other way around?

  5. To be honest I basically get nervous before starting my comic so I'll just type in my story to see what you think

    So my comic is basically going to be about a creepypasta character from Minecraft. But as a kind and caring type. It's the white Ender that goes into an adventure and making friends along the way. And yes ofc there would be trouble along the way. My comic will include charters back stories as well!

  6. Thank goodness! I already know the ending but I couldn't figure out my establishing shot. I also have scaled down designs of my main couple but do their more detailed looks as single illustrations. Thank you for this video!

  7. this person sounds soooo tired..

  8. I usually make up beggining of the comic and the end will come somehow…

  9. Thanks, I was planning for a comic, and I already have half of these, the only thing Im lacking with the ending.


  11. 1 minute already in the video and i have liked and subscribed, great video man

  12. I like your tip on establishing shot! Super helpful

  13. Thank you very much, this video help me so much!

  14. Beginning: family arrives to the village, ready to start a new life (protagonist: eldest child of the family)
    End: she takes an oath to join a temple, swearing to forget everything her father taught her, to never hurt someone who didn't deserve it. Not again.

  15. It's my first time making a comic but I found myself struggling in the middle of the story I don't know how to mend it..but I'm not that far from where I started I'm struggling in the chapter 3… hehehe just sharing. anyone out there struggles like me in the middle of your own story??

  16. Thank you so much it helped me a lot 💗💗💗💗

  17. Thank you for giving me tips for my comic book series that we are making.

  18. Thanks, now all my comics make sense!

    (also subbed)

  19. Okay i need your guys’s opinion on my comic.
    It starts off with a pinapple. The things on top of it form a guy named “Pineapple Man” , he then comes out and is a villain of sorts and starts flying around the city shooting spikes at places. But all of a sudden apple man comes in flying on an apple slice and has and epic battle with pinapple man. Pinapple man tries to throw a spike at apple man but it bounces off of apple man and hits pinapple man in the eye- knocking him out. Apple man kicks P-Man off of a building and then hops in his car. But what he doesn’t know is that P-Man fell into the back of his truck. Apple man pulls up to his house and enteres it. And goes to the bathroom. Pineapple man goes inside and steals a pinapple. Then heads to his lair. He goes inside the pinapple and gains more power. 2 years later and pinapple man finally awakens again. Apple man jears this on his radio causeing him to get distraced in his car and crash into a tree just outside of p mans lair. P man walks out and decides to befriend apple man.
    Soon i will make a new comic titled:
    Pinapple Man And Apple Man.
    Two Fighting Fruit People.
    What do you think?

  20. Awesome video! Thank you for sharing

  21. The last tip is for me

  22. Also about overdesigning.
    There are always going to be big important shots where you can draw a character or scenario with more detail and it's going to make a HUGE impression if your character is not as detailed normally.
    Great video. It helped me a Lot

  23. Yes… but what types of panels do i do?

  24. 👍👍 really help me 😭

  25. Begining: Happy family man

    Ending: Ruthless merciless coldhearted man

  26. I tried making a comic today and I spent ALL DAY making the first 2 panels! Goddamn I have so much respect for artists and some of them don’t even get paid for the fan-comics they make!


  28. Nice, I use to draw my own comics way, waaaayyy back!, I really want make em again, and maybe get into the publishing, it’s been my goal ever since,
    This was a really nice analysis on making comics, thanks ^^

  29. My pencil: how about, you can see me through the page?
    Me: what-no!
    Pencil: lines can be seen through the page
    Me: >:(((

  30. I’ve been thinking about making a webtoon for a while now. I wrote this really bad story for an English assignment in school, but I still like the concept of it, so I’m thinking of turning it into a web comic. It’ll also help me practice digital art too.
    The story is about this terminally ill guy looking for a place that can cure his unknown disease. By chance, he meets this guy who runs a hospital and says that he can cure him. The protagonist goes into the hospital but later finds out that the hospital traps its patients there and turn them into these half human-half monster creatures so they can grow their population and overtake humans. The protagonist meets people who want to escape with him and they make a plan.
    I don’t have a bunch of details on it yet, but this video has really helped me a lot, thank you!

  31. I dont think kentauro miura followed the fifht tip in all berserk

  32. Thanks for the comic tips, it really helped alot! 🙂

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