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5 webcomics/webtoons you Must Read!

Hi everyone!

This video lists 5 webcomics/webtoons you should know and must read. The numbering is for list purpose only and doesn’t imply any order from top to bottom or vice-versa.
All images belong to their rightful owners. No copyright infringement intended.

Links to the webtoons mentioned in the above video :-

1. I Love Yoo –

2. Let’s Play-

3. Oh! Holy –

4. Super Secret –

5. Kind Of Confidential –

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4 Bình luận

  1. Oh Holy is so good

  2. Can I tell that I have read all of them ?

  3. Honestly KUBERA is soo underrated it hurts my soul. It's soo in the league of unordinary, TOG, noblesse etc. I personally think its better.
    If u havent read em PLS do and help kubera get the recognition that it deserves and needs.
    Seriously though, its a masterpiece

  4. webtoons must be watched ! :

    1-lovely again today

    2-true beauty

    3-bloody sweet

    4-kochou no yumeji

    5-i want to be normal

    6-secret crush

    7-super secret

    8-haruhana (or days of hana)

    9-american ghost jack (MY LOVE !)

    10- hooky

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