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A Man who Always Gets Beat Up by His Wife Turns Out to be the Most Feared Assassin in Disguise

A Man who Always Gets Beat Up by His Wife Turns Out to be the Most Feared Assassin in Disguise

While heavily drunk, an unsuccessful comic book writer draws a comic about his life as a former NIS hitman, and runs into trouble when it gets posted online.

Movie: Hitman: Agent Jun
Year of Release: 2020
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31 Bình luận

  1. Wow can't relate to it one bit. 🙃

  2. Awesome movie with a great story . ..!# great advice dreams are dream

  3. May i know the tittle of the movie?

  4. 100% a good movie

  5. You would’ve thought that an elite secret agent would’ve I don’t know lied about the story and change the names of things so they wouldn’t of found him

  6. This was a really good movie … I wonder why recaps always sound like robots

  7. Powerful

  8. Also, don’t marry a nagging ho 🙅‍♂️👍

  9. Why does every badass assassin have a shitty family? Like can u not discipline them aren't you like amazing at that. I just never understood the secret agent with a family that hates him.

  10. Wait a minute that's the same dude from squid game 6:23

  11. I'm beginning to question teenage mercenary on webtoons now 😑

  12. Always a Good movie, there is a good lesson to learn from it!
    Hats off to all whoever is involved in ths video 👍

  13. the moral of the story
    comic artists are heroes

  14. Is the evil nis leader man the same guy with the snake tattoo from squid game

  15. 6:03 he played a roll in squid game 😃

  16. husband and wife got married for reasons other than love, he's arrogant, maybe a little bit violent and their marriage is not a good experience, he goes to war or something resembling that, and he got a change of character, a change of heart, whatever he experienced made him a great man, now he has the spark of wisdom and a lot of mystery around him, all of the experiences that he had during this time, in his absence, his wife had a relationship with someone and she thinks that she's in love, he comes back and she discovered the new him, and she falls in love with him, is there any movies like that? it doesn't have to be from Hollywood

  17. Story of my Life

  18. that was a wrong move that he created his own story instead of flipping it to different

  19. 777 right now I will not like now because idk


  21. It's a really good movie. Good cast. Enjoyed it.

  22. Confuscious says that got confusing!

  23. I love the" meaning of the film" section that are so specific yet absolutely unhelpful 😂😂

  24. gladiator recap

  25. Mentor on this

  26. Writing a webtoon about yourself when you're supposed to be dead and in hiding doesn't seem like what an elite agent would do

  27. Don't underestimate a man by his outward appearances as it can deceive you. You don't know who really he is

  28. Ur the best

  29. He wacthed all of the movies and explained it

  30. If this is a movie based on a webtoon tell me the webtoon.

  31. Bro the daughter going with the friend part really hurt me….

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