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… A minor obsession (Webcomic top five)

If you love Girly and hate Dominic… there are lots who do, you’re in good company. These are just MY personal order. Also usually in the order I check for updates, as well.

I get up in the morning, I check my webcomics. If I forget, I check at night. I read Dominic Deegan a week at at time, sometimes. Sluggy… every day. Kevin and Kell has been accused of the furry version of “Full House”. I think that’s only because they didn’t bother to compare it to “Step-by-Step”. My top five are there for their characterizations, the evolution of art (perhaps with one exception), and in many cases the complex and compelling storylines.

Sluggy Freelance: The first week –

The Kitten Arc

Wapsi Square

No Need for Bushido

Eerie Cuties

Dominic Deegan (Oracle for Hire)

Suggested early arc: Visions of Doom

Girly. I’ll start you at strip one. You’re welcome.

Kevin and Kell

Namir Deiter

You Say it First

Oh, one of my bud’s is missing from the final edit. Also NSFW. Vampires!
Blood Bound:

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  1. @Moueska

    😛 Spoilsport. Love and Capes is pretty much a rom com superhero style (the first frame starts with him telling her who he really is). There's not a huge amount of action but it uses it wisely.

  2. I'll have to check these out!

  3. Sorry I am not into Webcomics, but I can see you are really into it, thumb up for the effort.

  4. You got me into Wapsi Square a couple years ago. I thank you. ^_^
    Rats! My video won't play past six and a half minutes. Pblrthz!

  5. I personally love "Love and Capes" but I really miss Savvie and Lacey (which is it still around??).

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