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A Witchy Web Comic (Voice-Over)🧹👻 | webtoon

This was a fun little video that -despite it being less than 5 minutes long- took months to piece together! It’s not perfect in editing but I really wanted to have this out for Halloween 🎃 .

Happy Halloween! xx

Miranda Mundt/Original Webtoon comic:

Isabelle -Avaline and Aunt Athalie

Me – Camille, Evil Witch, extra voices

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This video is not sponsored// This is a fan-made voice over comic.

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Marybelle Sagard

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  1. UIBubsbnjvs xkvsjjs bsvjfbvjfksjvfn f
    This…is the best comic dub I've ever listened to. Any chance you'd start dubbing more of Muted? I'd really love it if you did!

  2. I like so much. i watched it twice

  3. What a multi-talented lady :3

  4. Well that sure was interesting. I really enjoy these comic voiceovers.

  5. If this is a series, I might actually download webtoons

  6. Oh wow! This must’ve taken so long to edit! Great job all!

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