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Amazon's greed just ruined comic books

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Amazon’s digital comic book app, ComiXology, just received an update that made everything bad now. From comic book readers to comics creators, the landscape of digital comics is worse for everyone except Jeff Bezos’ wallet. Let me rant a little as I explain the history of ComiXology.

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0:00 what is happening??
01:47 a brief history of ComiXology
04:56 amazon’s acquisition
09:18 send me more tea!
09:43 the crash…
15:17 the new ComiXology (sucks)
18:57 the apps are bad.
27:14 yarrr, piracy
35:11 please watch the ad
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The ComiXology Outrage

Amazon’s ComiXology Acquisition Has Some Readers Concerned

Comixology users can now download DRM-free backups of some comics

What Hath Thou Wrought, Comixology?

ComiXology Submit will transition into Kindle Direct Publishing

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22 Bình luận

  1. Dude, I love you and your Chanel, but I need you to put something over that light switch.
    Also the video is amazing. 🖤🖤🖤

  2. Amazon just kneecapped the entire comics industry and will lose more money than they thought they'd save if they don't fix this and irreparable damage hasn't already been done

  3. I do not believe there is a physical version of the Godzilla Final Wars soundtrack in existence, and if it is it has been scalped to hell. Why cant corporations just re-release their old products? I am literally begging you to give you my money!

  4. I used Calibre and the deDRM plugin to pull all my stuff off Comixology into CBZ files because of this switch. Egghead Bezos ruins everything he touches.

  5. Opulence is sin and we all pay for it.
    $2000,that is my sister's life was worth to the american government.
    Dif you dou not drop your gun… I will kill your friend.
    Put the handcuffs on…

  6. It makes more sense if menendez says something,I don't know if woods is ok with capitalism.


  8. I don't think the quality is as good as it was. the app takes forever to load and it freezes when I download. I've decided to go back to physical. Anyone agree with me?

  9. Is not copyright free, is DRMFree

  10. ive never seen this guy before, but i honestly thought i watching the guy that plays andy from the chucky movies for a second. you guys could be bros

  11. Honestly, it looks like they handed this to a bunch of junior developers and didn't get a good transition plan didn't hire new developers.

  12. that's why i say, always



    always pirate everything.
    if you want to help creatordevelopersartists sent them money though Patreon or similar, or to their bank account, or if they don't have those available, ask them to.
    never give money to amazon, or spotify, or disney, or apple, or meta, or google or microsoft.

  13. Look how they massacred my boy!! Also, I had to download almost 30 ish gigs to my phone over the weekend because the update removed my entire downloaded library

  14. This doesn't even seem greedy as they purged customers and actively drove away the few that remained. This is just lazy like they care so little about comics they'd rather make less sales if its slightly easier to organize it within corporate.

  15. Thank you for this. It’s a sad moment in time for comics fans. Not since FANTASTIC FOUR (2015) have comics fans united in our vehement disapproval.

  16. THANK YOU! This has been driving me crazy.

  17. Why would you buy a marvel/dc comic these days? I don't think you go to a trash can and buy the trash in it, you take. But why would you take trash?

  18. Y'ever see that publicity image of Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor in a white suit, standing in front of a Fortress of Solutude background, holding up a glowing green Kryptonite crystal in front of his face, and he looks eerily familiar, like someone else you recognise? I'm telling all my nieces and nephews that that was Jeff Bezos.

  19. When I was in college, I was part of a comic book club that had a club Comixology account. It was fantastic! People would add the bonus digital codes that came with their physical comics, people would rebuy comics they already owned to try to get other club members to read them, etc. I read a ton of comics that I otherwise never would have read and bought a ton that I wouldn't have otherwise bought during sales. I'm very much a physical media person, so I wouldn't have used Comixology if it weren't for the club account. But then Amazon bought Comixology and tied the accounts to Prime accounts so it was harder for us to share. So I stopped using it and I stopped buying digital comics.

  20. Seconding accessibility. I'm disabled and can't drive and can barely walk. I can't really get to the comic shop about 10 blocks away, get my haul, and bring it home. Plus my phone is much lighter than my old TPBs that I can't really hold anymore because I tore my bicep at work several years ago and couldn't afford to get it fixed and my work claimed it didn't happen there because they didn't file a report. Also guided view and zoom is good for people who don't see very well.

  21. They might as well change the name from Amazon to Lexcorp.

  22. Don't give them any credit for the "Fixes", it's still absolutely busted

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