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Astra Theme Tutorial 2022 ~ Learn How To Use The Astra Theme To Make A WordPress Website

This how to create an Astra Website for Beginners 2022 course covers the astra free theme and the astra pro theme also know as astra agency. With over 1,000,000 install AstraWP has proven to be the #1 wordpress theme. With this step by step Astra Tutorial, it could not be eaiser to make an astra website using the astra starter sites. This astra theme tutorial shows you how to use the astra starter sites plugin to install free astra starter templates as well as astra pro theme templates.

The astra free theme is amazing, but there are times when the astra pro theme can provide an astra agency starter site that is exactly what you or your client needs at a very affordable price. This astra theme review and astra theme demo is a totally free astra theme tutorial for those on a budget.


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00:00:00 Step 01 – Introduction
00:02:20 Step 02 – Website Project Overview
00:05:20 Step 03 – Let’s Start Our Website
00:05:38 Step 04 – Choose A Web Host
00:07:28 Step 05 – Purchase Web Hosting
00:12:33 Step 06 – Name Server Settings
00:13:05 Step 07 – Log In To Your Control Panel
00:13:34 Step 08 – Email Forward Setup
00:14:21 Step 09 – Find WordPress Installer
00:14:49 Step 10 – Fix WordPress Install Errors
00:15:53 Step 11 – Install WordPress
00:18:47 Step 12 – How To Login To WordPress
00:19:24 Step 13 – Display Your Website
00:20:04 Step 14 – WordPress Tutorial Timestamps
00:20:46 Step 15 – Install WordPress Theme
00:21:58 Step 16 – Install WordPress Plugins
00:24:51 Step 17 – How To Update Plugins
00:25:07 Step 18 – How To Update Theme
00:25:30 Step 19 – Install Starter Site
00:27:44 Step 20 – Creating Empty Pages
00:30:43 Step 21 – Modify Menu Items
00:32:51 Step 22 – Set Website Permalinks
00:33:26 Step 23 – Modify Quote Button
00:34:20 Step 24 – Download Website Content
00:35:14 Step 25 – Royalty Free Stock Images
00:35:37 Step 26 – Access Website Script
00:36:51 Step 27 – Set Quote Button Color
00:37:36 Step 28 – Google Color Picker
00:38:05 Step 29 – Pull-down Menu Color
00:39:24 Step 30 – Build A Free Logo
00:39:39 Step 31 – Add Logo To Menu Bar
00:41:39 Step 32 – Remove Footer Bar
00:42:28 Step 33 – Set Link Colors
00:43:37 Step 34 – Build The Homepage
00:44:02 Step 35 – How Elementor Works
00:45:47 Step 36 – How To Edit Text
00:47:28 Step 37 – Add Background Image
00:48:46 Step 38 – Add Text Shadow
00:50:42 Step 39 – Add YouTube Video Intro
00:52:28 Step 40 – Build A Free Video Intro
00:53:17 Step 41 – Add Your Own Video Intro
00:55:22 Step 42 – Add Text Animation
00:58:40 Step 43 – Adjust Text Color And Size
01:00:51 Step 44 – Add Button Widget
01:06:25 Step 45 – Add Testimonials Section
01:10:47 Step 46 – Add Image Carousel Gallery
01:17:16 Step 47 – Edit Photos & Images Online For Free
01:17:36 Step 48 – Optimize You Website (Need For Speed)
01:23:00 Step 49 – Edit Icon List Widget
01:26:26 Step 50 – Using Image Widget
01:30:09 Step 51 – Remove Homepage Footer
01:31:07 Step 52 – Add Elementor Free Footer
01:32:45 Step 53 – Add Elementor Paid Footer
01:36:28 Step 54 – Elementor Footer Quick Edit
01:38:25 Step 55 – Insert/Resize Signature Image
01:41:50 Step 56 – Add And Remove Text Link
01:42:30 Step 57 – Add Mobile Responsive Section
01:46:16 Step 58 – Create Fancy Rates Table
01:49:37 Step 59 – Add Basic Image Gallery
01:51:56 Step 60 – Add Super Fancy Image Gallery
01:54:19 Step 61 – Add New Wirenuts Newsletter
01:56:31 Step 62 – Add Magazine PDF/Link/Image
01:58:41 Step 63 – Using Contact Form 7
02:03:39 Step 64 – Insert Contact Us Form
02:04:15 Step 65 – Using Google Map Widget
02:07:14 Step 66 – Mobile Friendly Adjustments
02:13:17 Step 67 – Search Engine Optimization 101
02:16:04 Step 68 – You Finished, Well Done!

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  8. I wonder if I did something wrong because it's only March in 2022 and Elementor WordPress seems to have changed its method of importing templates. Unfortunately, it does not look like the instructions we have here (27:08). There are a few "skip and continue" buttons to click before we get to the page where we can download, but they want our names. Also, they seem to have taken away the "free button" on the tool bar for scrolling through samples. (A premium button shows up after you preview the site). I googled "how to import sample templates" to get their instructions (and sales pitch) before finding out how to do it. Although I thought that I was following this video carefully, if I did something to make my process different, these changes might not apply to all the viewers.

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