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Beginner Guide to Making a WEBTOON – My Process!

Hi, I’m Duckwafer! This video covers the technical aspects of making a webtoon (NOT the creative aspects. I don’t give any writing advice in this video.) I’ve been working on comics for a couple years and decided to share what I’ve learned :]

Leave any questions down below! This is my first time making a video so I apologize if anything was confusing!

TIMESTAMPS: (slightly off from the on-screen timestamps because the video did something weird when I uploaded)

-Making an Account on WEBTOON 0:32
-Choosing a Medium 3:31
-Getting a file set up! 5:42
-The Actual Drawing Part! 8:54
-Tip: Simplifying the Art will Help You 12:12
-Time to Resize and Crop 15:22
-Uploading the Pages! 22:28
-Making a Thumbnail 24:42
-Extra info + Answering Questions 29:08
I’ve Gotten/Heard

Programs used in video:

Other recommended programs that can also be used:
Clip Studio Paint
(and etc.! There’s a lot of art programs out there that work!)

WEBTOONs featured in the video:
My Giant Nerd Boyfriend by fishball
True Beauty by Yaongyi
Refund High School by LICO

My comics on WEBTOON:
-The Uprooted

thx 4 watchin now go make ur webcomic

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  1. I can’t even make a new folder correctly-

  2. I suck at drawing but enjoy writing and many people have told me that my story is very good. But reading all this comments relating to me and people saying to just go for it has encouraged me to just do it. I really hope my story does carry it since that’s the most important part of a comic. I really hope to improve my drawing skills 🙂

  3. i have been planning on creatinga webcomic for a while, this has been very helpful!!

  4. to the creator so that he could rest. and to all people wondering if a cheat drawing exist : " First: *download Magic poser/easy pose i recommend downloading both
    Then make a pose on that 3D humanoid, plenty of body shapes on those apps, now trace them/trace while imitating your art style, thid saved my ass 5 hours of work* "


  5. this helped me SO much, especially since you use procreate like i do! i usually have to look up quite a few tutorials when im trying to figure out how to draw something, or use a drawing app because the person in the video doesnt have an ipad like me, or uses something different, but you made this simple and nice and i love it ^u^

  6. I can draw just fine (not good tho) on paper but for the love of god I cannot draw digitally.

  7. Has a plot: ✅
    Can draw: ✅
    Knows good grammar: ✅
    Has any confidence: ❌

  8. Wow this is actually one of the most helpful YouTube videos I’ve ever watched! You made it seem so simple Thankyou💕

  9. I'll need this 7 years in the future.


  11. this helped a lot, i have a big imagination and always wanted to make a series for people to see thanks for the tutorial! <3

  12. oh so i am gonna need to learn how to draw AND to have a team T^T sobs

  13. quick question, is ibis paint suitable to draw webtoon comics? there are brushes on ibis that i like, and although i really love medibang it doesnt have the brushes that i like

  14. Does anyone know how to post pages that have the format of a panga page? Like is it gonna look ok on screen?? How many pixels wide and long it is?

  15. This really helped! I’m starting to make a webcomic and I searched this video because I needed help with making one lol and I don’t know how webtoon works so yeah, thanks for making this video :>

  16. I love reading webtoons but I don't know how to create one. But thanks to your video, I've learned a lot about it. I wanted to learn about creating webtoon because I got interested in this new project TooNFT where creators and investors can trade webtoons, how cool is that!

  17. For the technologically stupid (me) should I be worried about the restrictions to file size and formats? Like if I just draw my stuff full detailed and everything, lots of pages per episode, etc. Are the restrictions of 800×1280 and 20mb or 2mb per picture or whatever gonna be a problem i run into? I just dont wanna have to make a lower quality thing JUST to be able to have it fit inside of certain restrictions. What if im halfway through an episode and its already at the 20mb limit? What if the single page im drawing is already above 2mb? I'm very clueless when it comes to any of this so if any of that sounds like stupid questiond its because im literally stupid with this stuff.

  18. What type of iPad do you use to sketch? I’m wondering because I’m soon going to start to digital draw! And maybe I’ll make a webtoon series of my own!

  19. "test page…… THUMB" LMAO-

  20. I can give you the story line just be my artist lets work together

  21. on average how long (many pages) is the average webtoon? This is an abundance of information and I have been slowly building up to making a webtoon myself. This was a good start to understanding how to and what to get to start off. I've been holding off on this for so long…

  22. 22:26

  23. deep breath


    you can do this self…

  24. This is very straightforward and easy to understand! Thank you so much! I’ve been trying to understand for literally over a year but none have helped me as much as this one!

  25. I’ve been dying to create a webtoon, thanks for all the help 😭❤️

  26. But what about if you have story but don't know how to draw

  27. I can't even make eyes

  28. 13:13 its just me and my lonesome

  29. Oh my god tysm i was just looking for something like this for a total beginer in publishing and stuff

    And I'm re-watching

  30. me: skips straght to "The actual drawing part" because this is the deciding factor lol

  31. This video is so helpful omg I wouldn’t know how to do anything without it tyyy 😭

  32. This is a quick guestbook as a person who plans to do a webtoon soon, if you aren’t using a computer to upload or crop and resize? How can you do it on the tablet if there is a way . Also, thank you this was very informative, normally the other tutorials aren’t as good 😭

  33. Will this only work for iPad

  34. My storage can't take it 😭

  35. my friend told me to make a webtoon…

    now im here

  36. are you able to remove to hand drawn photo after you traced over it? 💫

  37. I can kind of draw👍

  38. omg this is soo informative! I've always wanted to start making a web comic but i don't know how to start. thank you for the video, really helpful. anyway what's your comic title on webtoon?

  39. i have a concept but i don't know how to draw i don't know how i will keep the story logical , i think i have good characters ? i'm also a overthinker and i'm afraid that nobody will read it , plius i don't have a money to pay an artist 🙁

  40. i just wanted to know.. in an episode how many pages should i make?

  41. Yeah except for the fact I’m on mobile so this doesn’t exactly work for me-

  42. What's the music in the background from?

  43. Before even watching.. i made a very detailed art and im just one person ive been making this comic for 3 days but just half of the day and im almost finished making the epilogue.. almost..


  45. I just need story telling skills ngl like if one of my friends could make a storyline that's good bam webtoon done

  46. I can't find the create story button😭

  47. Idk how to crop them and i already made a long page😭

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