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Best Drawing Software for Comics

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a professional comic artist, there are plenty of drawing software that you can use. In this video, we’ve listed the best 2D comic creation software that you can choose from and adopt in your projects.

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  1. I thought comipo is copyrighted? I read their copyright stuffs and give me headache. Kinda pointless if we bought them but we can't use it for commercial purpose.

  2. Whoever likes Pixton must like basic aol type characters.

  3. Yeah, unfortunately Rebelle 4 isn't $19, no idea if it ever was, I saw that Rebelle 3 was, but Rebelle 4 is right now $89.99. Guess I will have to wait on getting that one.

  4. i dont even finish watching and there are already 2 software that not only cost money, but also dosent have anything to do with drawing. wtf ?that kind of funny bullshit was usually free just 10 years ago.

  5. Thank you 😊

  6. very cool and helpful video, I'm looking to purchase the best comic drawing software

  7. What software is this

  8. I think the one you missed was krita

  9. Tanks for te recomendation

  10. I have been subscribed for you a long time

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