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Best Heterosexual Finished Webcomics

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~ Hey everyone! This is my first video!

~ In this video I gave recommendations of my favorite Webcomics which were all found on Webtoon (

~ Webtoon is accessible on the web and on phones and tablets if you get the totally free app! (If you end up getting the app there are optional in-app purchases)

~ Time Stamps
~ Freaking Romance: 0:05 – 0:30
~ My Dear Cold-Blooded King: 0:31 – 0:50
~ Scorching Romance: 0:51 -1:14
~ Luff: 1:15 – 1:34

~ Links:
~ Freaking Romance:

~ My Dear Cold-Blooded King:
~ Scorching Romance:
~ Luff:

~ If you read all the way down to here let’s trick the people that didn’t and all write this: “The sky is green and the grass is blue!”

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  1. yoyo did y'all know that the grass is blue and the sky is green-

    ps. ty for all the recommendations, I will definitely read all of them!

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