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Best Historical Boys Love Webtoons You Must Read

In this video I will be going over the top historical boys love webcomics, webtoons and manhwa. I have tried my very best to gather all the relevant information regarding these comics for some reason i had a really hard time finding the official English licensees of these comics. I believe thats due to many of them being fan translations i do apologize in advance. I have selected some BL (Shounen Ai) plus some Yaoi series. if you have anything helpful to add please let me know and leave a comment below. I love receiving recommendations for comics i’ll always read your suggestions and you might even see it in the next video. Also i know i suck at pronouncing Korean / Chinese names, sorry!

Thumbnail: Palace of Bardo, Painter of the Night, Silent Lover.

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  2. 10:08 Heaven Official's Blessing Is the best Historical comic I have ever read! I highly recommend it to you! Its anime is also so very good, just watch it once after reading the comic! 💥💖✨

  3. Help me to live, bcs i've already read all those, idk the reason i live again.. Is there another genres can help me move onward?? Please i beg u guys TT…TT

  4. Non of these where my fav 😑

  5. Okay , So I just completed reading Silent Lover . And at the beginning it was so good that I thought it wud become one of my favourite manga of all time . But not more than 30 chapters later , it went down hill and never was good after that . I mean ,,,,,,it became so tragic that it didn't at all seem like a normal romantic manga . It was filled with so much tragedy that I almost cried for Shen yu . I usually love tragedy , mystery , historical genre . But this one , seemed unfair.
    Shen yu didn't deserve all that hell. Harsh , cold words , breaking his heart , MISUNDERSTANDING MAINLY!!!!! I MEAN JUST BECAUSE SHEN YU WAS FOUND BY THAT EMPEROR YE FIRST WHEN HE FELL OFF A CLIFF , IT DOESN'T MEAN THAT HE SPENT A NIGHT WITH EMPEROR .Not only this , there are many things like this which the king didn't even care to check nd STILL HE HAS THE GUTS TO TELL SHEN YU THAT HE LOVES HIM WHEN ALL HE DOES IT TO HURT HIM BOTH PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY . Ugh this manga just gave me immense sadness !!!!!! I'm still reading it tho bcz I can't be assured untill I see it's ending even tho I don't like this manga . It doesn't make sense I know 😭😭😭😭.

  6. Where can I read all of this manga

  7. I love palace of Bardo, I like seeing characters development also painter of the night ofc

  8. Ennead is so underrated I love it finally someone mentioned it

  9. Nobody gonna talk about silent lover

  10. Can you suggest more historical/royalty bl?

  11. If you haven’t read “heaven officials blessing” do please DOOOO! 😭😭😭 and every single book by that author even the cultivator of darkness is AMAZING!

  12. -Palace of bardo
    -ghost child

  13. I'm very late. But craving this theme.

  14. Just finished to take an enemy's heart.. 😊 It's Sooo good❤️💕

  15. am sorry if that lezhin wapsied is free or need money😭

  16. Here's another one "painter behind the curtain" is must read

  17. 8:44-Yes my manga. 🙂


  19. There's a misunderstanding with the chinese characters for he/she. It's not true that the characters are the same, but the pronunciation is. The characters are a bit different, which u can see here: 他 for a male and 她 for a female (the difference is in the left part while they both are pronounced as tā). Hope it helped to clear the confusion a bit.

  20. Any historical Smuty and beautiful art yaoi manhwa recommendations place. I have read PAINTER OF THE NIGHT and I'm in love with it. I searched for the same art style and came across 'Pearl Boy'and it was also soo great. I mean just MANGAS ARE LIFE, SMUT IS HEART AND YAOI IS SOUL 😂😂 Mix them together is equal = PEOPLE OF CULTURE and I'm one among them!!!!

  21. Mo Dao Zu Shi ❤

  22. Deos anyone know this manhwa where the ml is a black snack and the mc has light blue hair

  23. I would keep 'The Prine Minister In Disguise' in 1st plaxe and 'Where The Dragon's Rain Fall' on 2nd place, these 2 are just amazing, great build up for story and character, nothing unnecessary, no fill up stories, beautiful strategy, historical setup, enough comedy, intense emotions, highly relatable, OC with high IQ, all the characters even the villains are likeable. For 3rd place I'll keep 'Prince Is Hungry' this one is definitely amazing, no unnecessary papapa, great comedy and great build up. Love these 3

    ok this series is absolutely amazing, great build up, no unnecessary papapa, comedy elements, it's really good. Definitely recommend it!

  25. Finished the 1st season of Taeizi….it's really cute and sad and satisfying but definitely questionable….cuz they are half brothers….I don't know if they will advance their feelings cuz…umm…you know….let's see what happens in the 2nd season….

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