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Best Manga Reading app for Android🔥TACHIYOMI🔥 Full Installation and Explanation

Hello bhai log kaise ho aap sabhi

today we are talking about tachiyomi app many of you guys asking me that how to read manga for free / how to read manga in India

this is the app I use for reading Manga and I know you guys are gonna love this app tachiyomi

ye raha download link-

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Indian Senpai

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  1. Tum hara baat saa jadaa tum hara background per najar jata hai😋

  2. Abe bohsadi ke kam bola kr

  3. Most manga chapters are not there

  4. Is there a way that when we download manga, it saves it as a pdf file instead of images.

  5. Bro….. The date on his mobile. It's my birthdayyyy👄

  6. Bhai peeche address doo apke gar aana hai

  7. Bro he is a man of culture tje back images and search history like tinder prove that…

  8. K.. but will I be able to read YBC

  9. Me:Man this is useful right?
    My friend:Ooooo,the wallpaper,i want them

  10. Made my day bro you are too good ✊✊

  11. Background change karo baka!😑

  12. ;-; background peh focused

  13. I want extantion suggestion for boruto and dragon ball

  14. Is tachiyomi app safe, developer by which company ??

  15. Web name – Tachiyomi

  16. Best background

  17. In which extension demon slayer is available

  18. I will try it!!!

  19. So you become eyes : yes
    What it's cost :my eye's

  20. Video starts at 2:06

  21. Depression box 😭

  22. The images at the background lovely but
    If someday you mom or dad co es surprisingly)

  23. What is manga??🙂

  24. Chopna ka hae kaise

  25. Kitna sank kari launda hai bhai

  26. Suggest me some good manga

  27. Thanks bro

  28. Thanks you bro because of you I read manga

  29. Bhai High school dxd ka extension batao please…🥲😭

  30. Lag ta hai Aap manga se jyada hentai padh te ho😂😂

  31. There isn't available demon slayer manga episodes, could you please help me out ??

  32. Color One piece ka liya konsa extension use karu??🤔🤔

  33. Can we watch grapller baki

  34. Who here tried to see the description for the list instead of watching the video
    (there isn't a list)

  35. What kind of poster in your wall h.k.p Sala habas ke pozare

  36. #$%$^%$%^$%^$^

  37. Thx broo 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  38. Omg bro 😂
    Your anime poster 😂

  39. Thanks very much

  40. Bhai naruto kise me hai

  41. Bhai ye sb app safe h ke nai

  42. I should download which extension to get demons slayer

  43. Best video on earth!

  44. Thank you brother, you got a new subscriber brother~

  45. This guy got balls of steel, If I keep those chicks posters in my room I would've been beaten to death by my dad 👹💀

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