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Can you make money from webcomics? A review of Webtoon, Tapas and Webcomics!

*_UPDATE NOVEMBER 2021* Webton LATAM finally added an ad system so that authors can make money! No tier reward system yet, but this is something at least.

*_UPDATE August 2021* Some information on this video is outdated: currently Webtoon changed their pageview count and now they take worldwide pageviews into account and not US only as before, yay! So it’s easier to reach their tiers.

This is the first time I make a video like this! I hope I will learn to make better videos in the future (and to explain myself better *laughs*). I was going to add Spanish subtitles, but it already took me way longer than I expected to put this together, so I’m very sorry.

Read my webcomic “The Violinist and the Nerd” here!

· For their ads and Creator Bonus Program, they take all countries and all your series into account. So you make money based on the sum of all your series.

· Webtoon understands series individually, so to reach any tier from the Canvas Rewards program it has to be on a specific series, it will not sum up all your series (and even if you were to reach two different tiers with two different series, they would only pay for the highest one, not both).
· Also, One thing Webtoon does right is the Patreon integration. There’s a button in your Webtoon series which leads people to your Patreon directly, so it’s good for series that offer exclusive content on Patreon and such (like Mr. Beta).

Recorded with Filmora X (music from there too) and sound effects from

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Inma R.

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  1. Thank you for this video. But can you tell me.. can I post same webcomic of mine on both webtoon and tapas?

  2. I just made it to 1k subscribers but only 12k views from who knows where lol. Still I'm happy with what I got so far considering i've been doing this since last October

  3. Thank you, one of the best videos on the subject I've watched

  4. Tell me more about the art thing! 😀 how would you want your fans, to see it? Really wish to know.

  5. Wahhh I just got to know about your YouTube channel today!
    I have been supporting you on
    Webtoon, tapas and webcomics app!
    Gave you inks and coins!
    I really love your works so bad😭💜😭♥️ thankyou for sharing us this information!!

  6. Nice job! Very helpful information for new creators. You've done the research and have the track record which makes your insight so valuable. Keep it up!

  7. This was VERY informative, thank you very much

  8. Hola, Imma! Muchas gracias por este vídeo, ha sido de muchísima ayuda, para ser sincera TT TT Tengo una pregunta, yo empecé a publicar mi propio webcomic en webtoon, y en la sección de "Ad Sharing Beta" no me sale nada, sólo la página en blanco TT TT No sé si eso es normal si aún no he alcanzado las 40k vistas por mes, pero vi un vídeo de otra chica mostrando su portal de creador de webtoon y le salían sus series con pocos seguidores y pocas vistas y salía un "No disponible" porque no puede monetizarlos, pero a mí no me sale nada TT TT Es una duda que tengo y no sé a quién preguntarle 🙁

  9. What format should I put my comics in? I converted the pages to pdf and I can't insert

  10. Webcomics finally said it clearly that coins doesn't convert into money. Plus there's new contract which is much attainable.

  11. oh my god the redirect link lol, thats was sad

  12. Sry i'm not good at english , but what is better to make money from
    Webcomics , webtoon , tapas ?

  13. My years did not bleed. I've followed your art way back when you started on deviantart well over a decade ago. It's so cool to see where you are now. I'm proud of u.

  14. Thank you for the info Inma. I was thinking to start my webcomics and graphic novel this year but still looking for a very good paltform to upload it. Your reviews on the platforms are very useful for me. I'll support your work as well.

  15. Do you have deadlines when posting your comic on these platform?

  16. I was ver happy i could understaand all you said, it is because you are spanish

  17. thank you so much for all the info!!! you helped me a lot 😀 think i'll upload my comic both on tapas and webtoons, but keep it english-only on webtoons since it won't pay my efford to translate and post it again aasahsjahsj
    as tapas pays you for all your series i'm keeping the portuguese version there

  18. You did really well!!! and Thank you soo much!!! Wish you the best, and looking up your comics

  19. Muchas gracias!! Esto es bastante útil ( ˘ ³˘)♥ esperemos que Webtoon incluya las vistas de otros países ._. una pregunta, dijiste que en cuanto a las coins en la app de Webcomic, no le aportan en nada económicamente al creador… Pasa lo mismo en Webtoon?

    Y según lo de que solo cuentan las vistas de estados Unidos… Una VPN no arreglaría eso? En el caso de por ejemplo Netflix, si uno utiliza una VPN y cambia su ubicación a Estados Unidos, uno puede ver el contenido de estados unidos… Supongo que también podría funcionar? ಠಿ_ಠ

  20. You explained very well, I always had doubts regarding the different programs in Webtoon and what was the difference between each one.

  21. 감삼니다, this is so helpful. ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

  22. Nice video! And thank you for sharing this information!

  23. Excelentes consejos. Descubrí tu obra en Planeta Manga, y desde entonces , sigo tu trayectoria. Gracias por estos tutoriales.

  24. Hi. I want to ask if did you published your comic on all of those web you mentioned?

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