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CDT #28 (Dead Grandparents, Web Comics, and XCOM)

On this episode, Neefu and Mark talk about their recently deceased grandparents while ZAM uncomfortably makes awkward jokes, then they discuss webcomics, hypothetical parenthood, hypothetical video games, D&D, and XCOM

1:03 – Grandparent Deaths
11:49 – Emotion Detox Break
14:03 – Web Comics
20:56 – Hypothetical Parenthood
23:36 – Hypothetical Video Games
25:43 – D&D
32:59 – XCOM


PVP – Web Comic:

XKCD – Web Comic:

Sheldon – Web Comic:

Evil Inc. – Web Comic:

Order of the Stick – Web Comic:

Erfworld – Web Comic:

Goblins – Web Comic:

Gunnerkrigg – Web Comic:

Dr. McNinja – Web Comic:

Girl Genius – Web Comic:

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