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CEO / Boss Boys Love Webtoons You MUST Read

In this video I will be going over the best CEO / Boss / Employer x Employee boys love webcomics, webtoons and manhwa. I have tried my very best to gather all the relevant information regarding these comics. if you have anything helpful to add please let me know and leave a comment below. I love receiving recommendations for comics i’ll always read your suggestions and you might even see it in the next video.

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  2. Smurfs world is similar to MayDay Mayday mayday

  3. im trying to find a manga or manhwa (not sure which) but its a girl house sitting for her boss who walks in on her and her bf "going at it" but then the boss starts dating the bf WHO KNOWS THIS PLS GIMMIE THE NAME

  4. Maybe if you add a bit of background music it would be nicer. Your voice is good but it's a long video and I personally started to distract even though I was interested in what you were saying.

  5. I’ve been looking for my X report for literally so long now and ur old video helped me so much I’m so grateful

  6. My favorite yaoi is Hold me Tight , I'm looking forward to 3rd season .. read it you won't regret it

  7. spoiler?idk if it counts but whatever

    her talking about on and off:"but when he finally gets a chance he completely blows it "
    on and off: PLEASE DATE ME!
    me:wtf bro?lmao

  8. I love all your recommendation but I can't find them in the app I use ,what app do you use to read these manga

  9. Whats app?

  10. Your recommendations are just great!😍❤🦋

  11. Hold me tight is my favourite Definetely recommended😍🦋❤

  12. I love any type of ceo comics they are literally the best

  13. I like the Kiss me Liar… Is also a ceo or boss story

  14. Am i the only 1% guy here? 👋😏

  15. At first I was like “mmmm todoroki” aS A JoKe bUt bRO I dOnT tHiNk iTS a JoKE anYnOrE

  16. What app for this

  17. The Deku Pic look at me ✋😭

  18. Can you do a video of yaio family

  19. The unquenchadable mr.Kim
    In short "k's secret"

  20. What can i reas them on

  21. were i can read pleasure principle?

  22. OMG!! I LOVE On or Off!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!

  23. omg the todoroki picture in the back though-

  24. Can someone pls tell me the name of a webtoon where the boy has color blindness and when he saw his future partner, the colors around him shine up. 😭

  25. On or Off is so far my fave ever.. I love this comic

  26. I still cant get over her todoroki poster lol…



  28. Can you recommend historical shounen ai manga

  29. Which app is recommended to read yaoi manga
    Beginner here so wanted an expert advice 😎

  30. My recommendations are fulk of haikyu aniem stuff and yaoi😭🥵

  31. Can you recommend a harem yaoi/shounen ai where the uke has a lot of semes

  32. Please do a video on historical bl manhua

  33. I love so many of these

  34. Just binged the entirety of On or Off today and if I had a dollar for every time I squealed, I would be able to commission the creators for more seasons 😂

  35. Thank you… I've been running out of bl manhua 😁😁😁

  36. Were can I found the comic well done it’s not on tapas

  37. I accidentally came across your channel and it must be heaven's sent coz been searching for more noteworthy yaoi manga… I value ur recommendations
    And some of those I love are, Walk on Water, BJAlex, On or Off, and Behind the Scene. Thank u and pls make more vids like this… More power!

  38. oh god i only read k's secret because of the second ship lmao didnt rlly care about the main one lol

  39. Smutty fluff = smuff

  40. I love your recommendations. Please continue posting; I look forward to your videos.

  41. Suggest Wish Me Love manhwa is good too , also about love between employee & the boss.

  42. pheromone Sherbet is a good read

  43. smurf's world and mayday mayday ;-;

  44. You are my new sensei

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