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Choosing the best Art style for your Webcomic

In this video I discuss choosing the best art style that best suits the webcomic you are going for. I go through tips and tricks to help you create your own webcomic as well as my webcomic experience thus far. I also talk about my cats at some points so I hope you looking forward to that. I give some advice on starting your webcomic as well as if you need good art to make a webcomic as well.

Planning on doing some streaming with you guys after the month of Ramadan because I’m fasting at the moment and its a very holy month. I will be dropping gaming for now to focus on more webcomic / webtoon content for you guys as well. Hope you enjoy the video and stay awesome guys 😀

00:00 – intro
00:22 – quick tip
01:18 – what are you comfortable drawing
02:18 – influences for your webcomics
04:14 – quick webtoon tip
05:00 – know your strengths and weaknesses
07:30 – Keep your art legible
09:02 – Be aware of your speech bubbles
09:47 – Is your art repeatable
11:45 – finishing panels
12:47 – motivation for your webcomic
14:37 – my first fan art!
15:15 – Accepting your art and webcomic
20:05 – outro

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  1. This was an awesome video! Loved the tips u shared my dude! Checking out your other vids right now🔥❗

  2. very comprehensive and informative video 👍

  3. Someday I hope to get good enough that I “choose” an art style 😄 Seriously though, great video. Lots of good advice in there. I like your videos because you’re always so positive and motivating.

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