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Clinic of Horrors the story so far….

A compilation of all the clinic of horror videos incase you need to Art by

Oh yeh Im getting married btw to help pay for it all
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  1. I am Joselynn's Mail-Order Bride (Male). Give her money so she can import me.

  2. 1:51 bad girl😎😎 and what the heck kind of world is that?! The people r weird

  3. the docter told dont use de stairs 10 min later


  5. My favorite part was 18:19

  6. This link is not a rick roll ——–>https://youtu.be/eY52Zsg-KVI

  7. 15:09 junko has entered the chat.

  8. Geez biancas mom is litterallly so

  9. 10:05 ha

  10. 17:52 is so funny poor kids

  11. Wow 😑🖕🏻 1:46 Pink girl you so good 😆

  12. Wait her mom did that

  13. 19:39 Soraxx be like

  14. I'm the brain

  15. lol 5:11 says “be like headless chicke” and “is how you escape”

  16. 8:24
    Maybe because her bandages are there so just in case if someone falls down she will take one of the bandaids of her arm and give it to them?

  17. LMAO “he’s dead”

  18. the what’s your theory guy sounds like greg from steven universe kind of

  19. 4:11
    There was weed in those pills, wasn’t there, doctor?

  20. “This is Sarah. She talks to me.”


  21. I think its not horror 😁

  22. 12:24
    my first thought was “SAYORI?!?”

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