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Comic Artists Are Waging a War, and We Joined the Frontlines

We entered the War for Rayuba, one of the largest Original Character Tournaments in the world.

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NOTE: As of August 2021, this tournament is finished and not accepting new participants, but you can still find all of our links below.

Anni’s intro comic
Peggy vs Eris (Anni’s comic)
Peggy vs Eris (Septi’s comic)

Kill Six Billion Demons:
The Rayuba Archive (search the war’s comics here):

Huge thanks to the following artists for letting us show their work!
E. M. Fields
Juan Gee
G U N (Matthew Swauger)
Monday Destroy
Noah Sayers

Written and presented by Quintin Smith:

Design and art direction by Anni Sayers:


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  1. The final comic submissions for this season of War For Rayuba have now been submitted, meaning that the tournament is officially over! If you're interested in competing in the future, keep an follow @Orbitaldropkick on Twitter.

  2. 1. No looking inside yourself
    2. No sisters
    3. No cool

    got it.

  3. I see the editor had fun roasting Quinn. :'V

  4. I would watch videos on the lore and story of Rayuba

  5. Why their not more video about this tournament

  6. How can read the comic

  7. I have to find that rock character and see how he did

  8. This is one of the few reasons I still think people can be creative, and that we’re not out of ideas yet.

  9. im with a cool rock i found on the ground, best character

  10. 4:40 now we know the reason why he has glasses.

  11. This Is a way better version of an Idea I thought of a few years ago for world builders. My version was way simpler. I was going to use Instagram likes for voting for favorite characters. I was also going to make the comics myself.

  12. Y IS UR DISCORD NOT DARK MODE??????????????

  13. So … the part where ya say about putting a professional artist against Eris' character…who is to say they aren't also a professional? Just sayin

  14. This is like DND PVP

  15. Back in the day, I used to RP on forums and it was always interesting how people shaped the narratives together. I like the idea of having multiple people compete to come up with the canon scenario!

  16. This is probably one of the coolest things I had no idea was occurring on the internet.


  18. 4:44 discord light mode over there

  19. Whoever invented this is genius.

  20. How did your story win???

  21. So it's basically just an OCT? These have existed for over a decade on deviantart. Shout out to anyone else who remembers Law of Talos

  22. Brings me back to fluidanims lmao

  23. Dude they BETTER release these comics as a compilation sometime

  24. Hey an ooc tournament. Haven’t heard of these in a while.

  25. Wow! This sounds like just an amazing concept!
    I love this co-created collective greatness, such as this sounds to be like and SCP Foundation is.

  26. Briefcase hands. LOL 😂

  27. thats like what i once believed the internet would work! not corpos making us buy stuff while watching people doing adverts for other stuff while inviting us to watch their boobs in a subscription. thank you for saving the internet 🙂

  28. Oh man, this is so rad! I love this concept.

  29. ahahaha i love the little editors notes to correct quinss, they're so cheeky lol

  30. The artists better get their cut when the final result of all this fighting is published.

  31. I want to know more about this where can I find more

  32. This is so cool! I wish it was still running because I would definitely join. Does anyone know something like this going on rn?

  33. This is genuinely so cool… It's like roleplay, but in a graphic form. I love it.

  34. I hope they have to roll dice lol

  35. I'd love to participate in something like this some day tbh. I've been wanting to try making some comics just to see if i can do it, for a while, so this would be the perfect scenario to jump into it and see what I could make. Plus I've already got OCs with combat-oriented potential, so 👀👀👀

  36. Can they make one for people with whack a++ drawing skills? 😂 The war for derp.

  37. What a nice unique concept

  38. This is genius!

  39. Aw… when you opened with Tom Parkinson-Morgan I though this video was gonna be about Lancer 😛

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