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Comics VS Webcomics

Now you know why I wanted to make this a separate video from Comics VS Digital Comics.
Start scrolling through some brand spanking new comics by independent creators here:


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  1. I know this video is old, but if ya ever want to read a good WebToon webcomic, Toaster Dude is a good comedy. It's completed, too, so it has none of that dragged on stuff.

  2. I officially can say as a female I hate females

  3. Yo! I was wondering how you feel about more curated webcomic sites like spiderforest or hive works! They curate their content a little more and don’t force creators to adhere to a super strict schedule, I really think the quality of those sites would really be up your alley!

  4. 👍🏽👍🏽

  5. You're a great writer. Seriously

  6. You remind me of my best friend.

  7. Webtoon is sooo much better than tappas

    I don't think we hold manga and anime to a lesser expectation

  8. I think lately a lot of webcomics have been really good and well done, both in the art and writing department. And not just a 'diamond in the rough' situation. Deor, Mystical, Purple Hyacinth, Unholy Blood, Nice to meet you are all really good works. Even older webtoons like Sweet Home and Dice are pretty good.

  9. Wow, I'm so shocked that a comic written by a girl is about beastiality! Shocked! SHOCKED I SAY! 😑

  10. I’m kinda on the fence about making a webcomic. Like Webtoon. I don’t think I much rather make a physical comicbook. It’s just as a starting artist Webtoon is just a lot more accessible.

  11. I think making web comics is much more assessable for everyone vs. getting into print is alot harder to break into and stay relevant in print is much harder, if you want to check out my comic please give me some feed back!! https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/click-track-lolita/list?title_no=367161 if you like fairy tales and punks it might be for you! thanks and have a wonderful day!

  12. You're really right, but you need to read Bastard :P. The diamonds you find can be reeeeaally good.

  13. Long form serialization is the worst.

  14. I wanna buy you a coffee.

  15. Tower of god is amzing

  16. Webtoons have some of the best stories ever. Noblesse is the best thing ever.

  17. Webtoon? Is that Webcomics or Digital-comics?

  18. Artists who don't know how to write…
    Homestuck intensifies
    Ava's Demon intensifies

  19. I enjoyed Jason Brubakers Sithrah on webtoons….then again he did work for DreamWorks on kungfu panda. If it's good and engaging I'll read it. I love physical books as well….Sean Gordon Murphys work on Batman White Knight and Wake….amazing. We all have to start somewhere

  20. I like comics on pancakes.

  21. the problem with webcomics: laziness / irregular uploads
    Web comics who still are good: Sinfest, Cyanide & happyness, Order of the stick, Oglaf…

  22. What do you think about Lezhin.com?

  23. Can you ask reaction mashups to not show your reactons? I believe that
    your reactions were pointless, annoying and added nothing to a show but
    damn, your Jojo reactions especially are cancer. I'm literally forced to
    watch your shity reactions because of that. Asking to not show your
    Hunter X Hunter reactions would be nice too, they're terrible but what
    is annyoing is that you ruin the experience for one of the greatest

  24. Nice Hong Kong dubbing around 5:40.

  25. I prefer to have it in my hand…😆😶😌 But yeah.

  26. I loved this video! XD Even If I disagree 78% with all of it. It’s refreshing to see a different opinion and your passion XD. But I’m afraid I know too many good webcomics with plots and outlines to agree with you. I love physical comics (except probably many super heroes), but I don’t have that much money for it.

    I honestly think you are comparing gag comics a lot of the time…. Long format comics have nothing to do with gag comics ^^ I have never paid to be in the spotlight on Tapastic, so if you know how to get there, please tell me hahaha I don’t know how you go that info, but would love to know too, nor have I ever made money.

    The rating is based on random people, like in Netflix hahah It’s about the audience.

    I do feel Boy Love has a huge… stack of webcomics. I personally don’t read it, but there are people that do love it, that’s why it’s so popular .

    I 100% agree that popular isn’t good haha But hey, it’s what the market wants. That’s why “50 shades of gray “ or whatever made so many sales – Just to name an example on other industries, that also happens with comics and specially webcomics

    Many good professional comic artists have gone to webcomics, to do things like they wanted. Also many people that want different art styles from all the comics you showed (I personally don’t love the super realistic approach, even Scott McCloud talks about how you can’t identify with the super realistic picture most of the time).

    But webcomics that are incredibly good like “Ghost Blade” from Wlop, “Lackadaisy “ that was nominated to the Einser award, “Unordinary” (past chapter 2) on Webtoon, “Suihira” by Riana Dorsey, “Fisheye Placebo” by Yummei…
    “Lalin’s curse” by Isakytm (though it may be for a young audience, but the quality is there), and I could go on and on..

    And I have the full outline, TV show Bible and continuing the scripts from my own Webcomic while learning, but I wouldn’t consider it a masterpiece. Rather, I get hired to make comics for others by people (and potential clients), they see my art and then hire me ^^

  27. Actually with manga sometimes the author will go on hiatus for months and years due to burn out or no inspiration. Web comics do that too. oh yeah that's probably why buying print versions of web comics is a thing since you can read them without a tablet or phone. There's also Keenspot which is older than either webtoons or taptastic.

  28. The Drunk Duck is another decent webcomic hosting site. Also, if you want to be able to filter your content, it's better to go to a site like The Belfry Webcomics Index where you can play around with the category filters to find the good stuff and avoid the bad.

  29. Hey, I know there's a lot of crap on Tapas and Webtoons but I'm here to share the good stuff. And YES, I am saying that because I helped write and draw some of these books. All of these titles were published physically and were reformatted for Webtoons. So enjoy!

  30. If you have no respect for webcomics anymore then why you yourself are making webcomics? Should be you be getting your comics through a publisher instead?

    If there's just one person doing both art and writing of their comic there's nothing wrong with that IF that one person is really good at handling both positions as an indie creator. Also aren't your comics made by just you alone? If so what gives you a free pass but not any other creator?

    There's nothing wrong with indie creators who choose not to have their comics publish; it's not necessarily mandatory to go through a publisher.

    I'm trying my best not to take this video personal since I myself am a webcomic creator but you making sound as if webcomics in general are shitty. Don't get me wrong I agree that there are shitty webcomics out there, it's unavoidable. But you couldn't even be bother to list off any good webcomics at least?

    If you were just an comic reader and you believe webcomics are shit great, you don't wanna respect webcomics anymore fine. But since you yourself are a webcomic creator what you're saying comes off as either hypocritical, bias or envy. If it's none of those things then your points are coming off as contradicting and confusing on what you're getting at. If webcomics are as bad as you said then maybe you should consider going through a publisher rather than posting a video that might mark you as a hypocrite to other creators.

    Again, not taking this personal.

  31. Comics are dead as fuck right now.

    Skip straight to animation instead.

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