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CovrPrice Top 10 Hot Comic Books Sold week ending March 21st 2022!

We analyze the sales data and delve deeper into the books and see what made them the hottest selling back issues of the week ending March 21st 2022!

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Lords of the Long Box

13 Bình luận

  1. Quote of the day…"licked alive…" BTW, Cybergrinder, Yes I can do better than The Peach. HTTR…Wentz? Hmmm.

  2. Man I’m in the office all day and listen to a lot of podcasts and YouTube. I really wanted to like that Comic con podcast but the very first one I tried they went after my boy Comic Tom lol. I was like wow man he likes the Lords show. At the end of one of his podcasts he’s like Lords of the Longbox is on tonight check it out. That’s how I going the show and I’ve been listening to you guys ever since. Squash that beef man! =)

  3. You can play it a million times…i love say the word..gets me movin

  4. 🤣😂🤣😂 Awesome job guy's

  5. Great show as usual fellas! Just caught the replay!

  6. The Batman kicked a$$, wtf,…, jeezaaaz,.. And what's that b.s. about triple6 posting that he is upset yall called out Perch? Yo, triple6, man, Perch sucks, he just bitxz 'bout former-Marvel, he's like someone that is upset he can't order a burrito at a Ch!nese restaurant,…

  7. "OMG Peach Momoooooookooooo" Sniffffffffffffffffff – The Out of Shape Gamer, I can't find that video anywhere, I wonder if it got taken down lol.

  8. jztwwk


  9. Great show. 8/11.

  10. Yeah kind of a boo hiss to Marvel / DC for only allowing 7000 copies to begin with when there is enough demand to help George and people can enjoy this great story

  11. The Daredevil over the cross issue was Daredevil 182 (Frank Miller run).

  12. Great show. Great list. 4/10 this week. 2,3,4,&5. Got 9 books from CGC today and my ASM 265 wasn’t among them. 🙁 Bummed. I passed on Jane Foster Thor and Ms Marvel. DANGIT 😩

  13. Ms.Marvel #5 is also the first appearance of the a villain called the Inventor, and rumors he will be in the film. It’s NOT ONLY because of the one scene in the trailer.

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