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Create a FREE Website with WordPress.com – Complete Tutorial

So I decided to try out the website builder version of WordPress. It’s a similar experience to running WordPress on your own hosting account with some limitations like no themes or plugins.

In this tutorial I instruct you on how to properly get setup with WordPress dot com from step one to step done. That means I show you how to properly create a free account and ignore WordPress’s various upsells. How to custom design your website using the block editor, how to make your website searchable and indexable and how to properly layout blog posts as well as create a logo and upload a favicon.

If you’ve been looking to get started with a free account with WordPress to start a blog or create a website, this complete tutorial is for you. Please use the timestamps below to help yourself navigate to any section of interest.


00:00 Start
00:37 Get Started with WordPress.com
07:32 Essential Settings
13:43 Homepage design
25:32 Blog Archive and Menu
30:58 Logo and Favicon
37:54 Blog Posts
43:25 Pricing
47:25 Conclusion


► WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

► Twenty Twenty One Theme Tutorial:


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  4. I really wish you tubers would understand that we are not experts. Please slow down and tell us what you are entering. I got last right after confirming the email. I am on the Mobile site and therefore I do not have the same screens you do. Anyway, thank you. But it's not as easy as it's made put to be.

  5. Hey David please can you make a video on how to migrate a free WordPress blog to Blue host hosting..


  6. how i can change site name for free???

  7. Is also the tagline the meta-description of a website?

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  9. Verry good your channel…. Im like aplikasinya…

  10. Het David , thanks for your video, I want to ask can I use a free website created with wordpress to make money with google adsense ?

  11. I have to ask do the site got live forever without paying anything?

  12. My contact form for the free version is not working,

  13. Thank You Sir…

  14. I cant find all this on the site

  15. he creado un sitio web en su versión gratuita Es de mi ciudad y lo he puesto público y marcado "disuadir a los motores de búsqueda de indexar este sitio" Pero cuando escribo el nombre en google no veo que aparezca en los resultados. ¿qué ocurre? ¿tengo que contratar un hosting y comprar el dominio para salir en google? Gracias

  16. Can you really earn money with free site blog?

  17. Hi thanks for this video, I already have a problem .. WP Admin is not shown in my wordpress .. neither is Dashboard .. what am I missing ??

  18. You go way too fast and jump around way too much for a beginner to follow you.

  19. This is so useful. Thank you so much🙏 God bless…

  20. Great video many thanks

  21. Help me! I can't find the same options!!!

  22. can I use elementor???

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