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Create a FREE WordPress Blog in 15 Minutes on WordPress.com Tutorial for Beginners

NOTICE: It looks like WordPress made their sign up process a little more direct. In the first step after creating your accout, type any domain you’d like, then select the “Free” option:

Then in the next step, select the “Start with a free site” option:



When creating your free WordPress account, don’t forget to use my FREE Secure Password generator to keep your account safe and virtually hacker-free:


00:00 – Intro
00:15 – Before you start
02:07 – Sign Up on WordPress.com
02:43 – Set up Process
04:28 – Find Your Blog URL
04:56 – Change Your Blog URL
05:48 – Change the Theme
06:49 – Customize the Design
10:50 – Create a Blog Post
13:04 – Create a Page
14:08 – Edit Navigation Menu
15:05 – Launch Your Blog!

In 15 Minutes, you can start your own WordPress Blog for FREE on WordPress.com. Watch this tutorial to learn how you can create your own blog with the most popular blogging platform in the world without paying anything. The best part is that the website is expandable and easy to migrate if you need better, paid hosting in the future. Another benefit of using a platform as common as WordPress is that it’s not hard at all to find people to hire and help design and manage the site.

Before you begin you’ll need a logo, a favicon, 5 pre-written blog posts, and some “About Me” text, as well as some images other images to add to your blog. These are the items that you’ll need to make sure your blog looks good and has enough content to keep your give your site a “full” appearance. Please enjoy this quick tutorial. As always, don’t hesitate to ask questions in the comments section. PLEASE show your support by subscribing to my channel!

Once you’ve got your free WordPress.com blog setup, check out my video about basic SEO tips here:

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WordPress is the most widely used blogging and web content management system (CMS) in the world. Get your own personal, business, or client website or blog started in just minutes. Being the most common platform, there’s tons of documentation and tutorials out there! Start your first WordPress blog for free here:


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  1. I am redesigning my blog, You do a good job explaining and showing how to design a WordPress blog.without talking to fast. Thank you.

  2. OMG you literally saved my grade with that video! I am really really thankful for that simple explanation when all other videos want you to buy wordpress, you are awesome!

  3. really helpful bro

  4. I don't understand
    To me it shows like an account and I don't understand where that free blog is coming from.. I mean there is a search button from where u like search domains you want to add

  5. All the instructions are presented very well. I just want to say thank you very much because this video is very helpful for me as a beginner making a website (blog). Also, to complete my school requirements. Again, thank you, Sir. and God bless you. 🙂 <3

  6. this was so helpful. i spent so much time trying to find a tutorial that explained what I was stuck on. You were clear, concise and to the point. Thanks a lot!

  7. This tutorial is one of the best I've come across for starting a blog on WordPress, thanks!

  8. thank you. this was very helpful. do u have more videos on wordpress? like how to add posts that only appear on certain pages etc. like I'm trying to run a sports blog and I only want certain posts under certain pages according to the team I'm writing about etc.

  9. Super helpful! Thank you so much!!!

  10. I have a doubt… Can we post images taken from Google on our blogs ⁉️ i have no idea about it… So .. plzz help me out…

  11. thankyou for this video it really helped a lot !

  12. Really well done. My website has been and off situation. I am used to the legacy posting so the Gutenberg Press has been a little difficult for me to use. Biggest problem has been finding the font sizes which I guess now use the "H" method.

  13. How to make money from this blog?

  14. There's no manage option and I can't change the URL.
    Edit: Found it 🙂

  15. great tutorial! thank you very much.
    Btw your vibe makes it very pleasant to watch xD.


  17. good day dear Buddy!
    Thank you for your video. It would be so awesome if you can talk about the WP 5.9 that is landing in 10 days – it is literally a revolutin – with all the great features: Imagine the community needs some amazing, clear and concise educational videos.

    keep up the great work – plz keep on making more videos!

  18. Beleive me, after creating my site with your step by step tutorial, I have tear in my eyes.. thanks a lot sir.. love and respect for you!… thanks, really…

  19. are there any limits to post a blog or we can just post a blog as much as we want??

  20. thank you so much for this, shame i already purchased my 5 years domain with go daddy, but im still grateful i found your tutorial

  21. Hy Not Harshel.
    Can I Make Blog For Content writing purpose ? The same way you guide.
    and Another Question ? Does Blog on WordPress need any privacy ?.

  22. Thank you so much, quality video
    Great info

  23. i was curious when we start the free trial, why do we still have to pay 18 dollars?what is that refer to. I'm sorry, I'm very new.

  24. Thank you sir for this video but, I have question, can i put links in every post or this not included?!!!

  25. For me, It is asking me to pay

  26. My plan expired!! What should I do?

  27. How to deactivate coming soon? 😭

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