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Creepy Comics With Unexpected Endings By Edd Lai

Creepy Comics With Unexpected Endings By Edd Lai

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✅ Edd Lai is a Taiwan-based writer and comic artist who creates dark and twisted comics you probably wouldn’t want to be reading in a dark room all by yourself. So turn the lights up and invite a friend – because it’s about to get spooky.
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31 Bình luận

  1. The demon and the angel.
    They both are a whole different mood

  2. Tan wenardos los cómics, aunque cortar con un clip de amasando Slime es un poco raro, pero sirve no se porque xd

  3. Man: give my collection back
    His wife who find out everything*: WHAT THE ACTUAL FU-

  4. Me: Sees sideways text o.o
    Reaper: Go on turn your head to read it…
    Me: * Starts reading with out turning head *
    Me: * Turns around * bruh you did not think this one through

  5. Thought the demon is going to take his true love but looks like his true love is his colloction LMAO

  6. ME not reading it with head tilted

  7. Why turn your head at 6:27 when you can tilt your phone?
    Or perhaps read it sideways like me?

  8. the touch starved urge to get voodoo dolls and hug them softly to let people feel comforted

  9. it's creepy and thrilling. I didn't miss a bit 😱

  10. 😶😰

  11. those random slime videos are hella annoying

  12. Comic: When you turn your head to read this, a reaper will be behind you ready to cut your long neck

    Me, who turned my iPad to read it as well as having my back to a pillow to a wall: Ha, you fool…

  13. 6:20 Sigma grindset: tilt the screen, not your head.

  14. 6:26 jokes on you i turned my monitor sideways

  15. The first one is sad I never thought of kids doing that, the second one is my brother he cares about games more than love. Hes very smart😂


  17. Anyone gonna talk about the random slime fotage

  18. 2:21 what's this

  19. Stop with the slime, I came for the comics!

  20. I'm appalled by how far I had to scroll before I found a comment about the slime clips

  21. Ah yes, I love watching a comic show me a video of s l i m e

  22. 6:27
    I froze immediately

  23. Who else look behind then like 40 times while watching this video🥲😫

  24. The kid with the vodoo doll reminds of Salad Fingers lol

  25. The demon stealing the collection one, that means wait the demon said he will steal the thing he loves the most……….. oh.

  26. 4:00 what?!

  27. 1:00 what?!

  28. the one with the dad holding a fish made me say hold up

  29. can everyone agree the slime was the scariest one 😂

  30. I love slimes!

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