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Critical Hit Show Anniversary, Web Comic, and Live Streaming Game

ANNOUNCEMENT! The Critical Hit Show is celebrating its 4th Anniversary on March 1, and we’re doing an Anniversary Show at The Rio Theatre in Vancouver!

On Top of that, we’re launching a webcomic at criticalhitcomic.com! It’s written by Eric Fell and illustrated by Heather Gilbraith.

On Top of THAT, we’re changing up our rules system! We’re moving to the Archmage Engine, a d20 variant created by Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet for their excellent 13th Age Role Playing Game.

AND On top of THAT, We’re teaming up with the awesome folks at d20Babe to bring you a live streaming tabletop campaign called DRAGONPUNCHERS – A CRITICAL HIT SHOW ADVENTURE.

There’s a lot of amazing stuff happening with The Critical Hit Show. Get on board and check us out! #dndlive for all your social media needs!

instagram: criticalhitshow

Music by Kevin Macleod

Nguồn: https://grenadesandwich.com/

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Eric Fell

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