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Deku's Final Quirk is TOO STRONG!! My Hero Academia / Boku no Hero Time Travel Quirk Theory Revealed

Deku’s Final Quirk is TOO STRONG!! My Hero Academia / Boku no Hero Time Travel Quirk Theory Revealed

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  1. Probably just gonna be a blasting quirk but hopped up on several generations of OFA transfer meaning it’s probably the “nuclear option” at this point.

  2. It would be similar to eri's quirk i guess?

  3. @animeuproar You're right about the change. There is a line that most people have forgotten by now, it came from ?Grand Torino? (I think that's how it's spelt) After Deku's first time training with him. The line "he just might transform yet". I think that line was referring to his last quirk even more so now. With this series coming to an end soon, I think it's time to look back at all the early foreshadowing that was apart of the beginning of the series. For example, All Might was using the smoke ability subconsciously to hide himself around others when he was about to transform back. We always thought that was just apart of his own way of using OFA but it was actually smokescreen. When All Might went plus ultra he was using Jin's quirk on a subconscious level. He even could float and use his power to change directions in the air. All Might was using the other Quirks without realizing it. He was even quirkless. A perfect fit for OFA. So I think it's time we take a look at all the information with this new information once again and we might get our answers to the last Quirk.

  4. Wow AUR How many girls do you like in this show because you,re simping man😅

  5. Great videos but ya talk so slow I gotta speed this up to 1.5

  6. Calm down son it’s just a drawing

  7. the second user is bakugo's son. he can warp through time and space, deku will warp.

  8. Deku finally unlocks Za Warudo.

  9. It doesn't make sense for me because if the second user of one for all had that kind of quirk (time) he has a ability to defeat all for one but in the story it is not the case.

  10. I doubt it's a time traveling quirk…

  11. Deku's dad is zoro and got lost and then found a time machine then go inside of it then he was teleported to one piece cause the time machine turns out to be a teleportion machine so he got to the one pice and hitni
    His head and forgot everything hahahaha

  12. The one who saved dabi is clearly not from the league of villains, because if AFO saved dabi, he would use him along shigaraki! shigaraki and dabi didn’t know each other if you remember

  13. Man, watch him have a similar power like Mega Man 😂

  14. How about in the same vein as the time manipulation he aims at the door, stops time, and while that's happening he blasts it until it breaks and then resumes time.

  15. Can't wait for the Dabi tell all!!

  16. 🫴🏽❤️

  17. This is gonna sound weird but what if it IS a blasting quirk? We don't k ow anything about the 2nd user but there's a possibility that he could be related to bakugo. Quirks can change and mutate over time, as we know. The whole thing with the door may perhaps be that number 2 only focused the blast on the lock. Maybe, from all the accumulated energy of being the quirk inside of OFA for the longest, made it a kamikaze type explosion. The thing with 2nd related to bakugo is just a way to tie him,deku and OFA

  18. Watch him actually be the OG Bakugo, ridiculous OP self-destruct explosion

  19. If it’s time based I’d says the second users quirk is to be able to change the time of people or objects position at what time

  20. What if the seconds quirk was super speed. Now within ofa he can go so fast he becomes intangible and maybe even can travel through time if not careful

  21. Òkay, so the clues are: 1.- Quirk B Is a massively more powerful of an earlier b quirk. 2.-B can be used to hasten travel 3.-b used a support cannon-like gauntlet 4.-b was capable of opening a huge metal door with no visible effect (debatable if it was indeed his quirk). My take:
    It's wild but if b is indeed time-based it could be similar to Eri, the gauntlet focused the effect that would otherwise spill in a radius or act on the user and Number 2 opened the door by 'returning it' to an unlocked state. With all the gathered power and no guiding equipment, the quirk might 'rewind' the world around Deku, effectively letting him 'time travel' and arrive 'faster' by constantly dragging evertyhing to a previous state while he keeps moving closer

  22. I lowkey feel like the Hero Safety Commission somehow saved or got ahold of Dabi…and Dabi ran once he was old enough…🤷🏾‍♀️. His hatred of heroes might not only be because of his father. Dabi probably could have went after Endeavor and Todoroki long before meeting up with the League of Villains, yet he didn’t for some reason. Idk. I doubt he was saved and raised by a villain

  23. What if the 2nd user really is Bakugo, during that panel I got the vibe that Deku was trying to propel himself through the air like Bakugo does currently. However because of the added power of OFA each even small blast could have the force of a nuclear blast so it could be extremely dangerous with lots of recoil. As for how Bakugo went back in time (I don't know why but we will find out) he was reminded by Eri several years from now after she masters her quirk and is somehow able to rewind the person back in time while keeping the person physically unchanged. That's why Bakugo appears to be an adult.

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