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Digital Comics vs. Print | Are Digital Comic Books Easier to Read? | Comixology Guided View, 2021.

This video is about digital comic books vs. printed comic books. I compare and contrast the reading experience of both. I will use a Marvel book and then a DC book to keep things fair. I download a comic book from Comixology and grab the printed version to compare.

Are digital comics becoming a better reading experience in 2021? Let’s find out.

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Rock Paper Xcissors

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  1. Thanks for watching. Check out my other videos on my channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/RockPaperXcissors/featured

  2. Hello , i really love paper comic ! but , digital comic are good for ecologic life . I think because i love trees , i go to get digital … thanks

  3. Yeah I got Comixology so I didn't have to go to the store, but guided view really sold me. Makes it a more cinematic experience and perfect for smaller devices

  4. I don’t really collect for the sake of collecting, I buy only the stories that I want to read. That’s why storage will never be a problem for me.


  6. I’ve been doing digital comics recently and I’ve been loving them. I have a 27 in monitor to they look really nice blown up on the screen. I like physical copies but it’s so much easier to just buy them digitally and have them ready to go. Just like physical vs digital movies and music, they both have merit and everyone’s mileage will vary

  7. Great video! Good stuff 🙂

  8. As someone who has 16 short boxes full of comics, Im looking more into going digital.

  9. Thank you 🙏🏽

  10. My problem with digital media in general is that it will fail the consumer at some point. There will come a time when all of your purchases will be wiped away because the company that hosts them went out of business… which means you can no longer download them. Even if you have your own copy, the programs that allow you to read them might lose support and stop functioning as new operating systems are introduced.

    Businesses fall and technology moves on, so digital properties are probably a dangerous thing to throw a lot of money in. Also, digital properties are not typically “owned” by the buyer, so if a company decides later that your comic on their system is not in line with current thinking, they can edit your comic without your consent.

    All that said, the actual product of digital comics is very nice… particularly so if you can afford a large tablet that gets close to the same size of a physical comic. I just make it a point to never buy any unless the cost per issue is down around 50 cents or less, to minimize losses in the future.

  11. I’m broke so I use a website on my iPad to read comics

  12. Thanks for your opinion

  13. I read only digital issues, but if I see a cool print TPB in a book store and if I don’t have the issues. I like digital because I don’t need to worry about not having enough space.

  14. In your opinion what is the ideal aspect ratio on a tablet for reading comics? And what tablet screen size? 9.6"? 8.0"? 8.4"? 10.1"?

  15. Yes, sir! Digital comics is where it's at!

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