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Heyyy~ Draw and chill with me as we talk about why you shouldn’t make your comic FOR Webtoon. Healthy reminder: this video is not meant to discourage anyone! This is actually meant to help keep us Webtoon Canvas creators grounded-especially newer Webtoon creators who expect to make money with their comic off the bat. You will likely not get a job opportunity starting out with your comic, so why not focus on something much more important? Oh, and another thing:

You don’t have to be the Van Gough of Webtoon. Have fun okie? ^^

0:00 – Intro
1:05 – Don’t make your comic FOR Webtoon
3:20 – Summary of Grave’s Stream
8:42 – A moment of silence
10:40 – not me spilling the tea
12:53 – You don’t have to be the Van Gough of Webtoon
17:26 – I reminisce…did I spell that right?
19:13 – how dare you all be so sweet!
23:22 – Make your comic for YOU
25:17 – do the smart thing, get that bread
28:23 – Vibe with your comic p l e a s e
28:44 – Special thank you to all my Patrons!
29:51 – Have a cookie…and hear me out
31:50 – Outro
32:16 – omg youtube plz dont come at me-

Thanks for watching! If you want me to go more into detail about Webtoon making, or you have another Webtoon related question you want me to talk about, be sure to share it down below in the comments section. I hope this video helps and sheds some more light upon being a Webtoon creator. If you enjoyed this video be sure to comment, leave a like, and subscribe for more!

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  1. Hey everyone! I see this old video got some traction again so I’m just dropping by to say that I made this back when I was still apart of a podcast. Podcasts are generally long video/audio content that can go up to an hour or more, at least 30-45 min. I enjoyed making that content for my channel when creating this video and it was directed for audiences who listen to my older content while they work/draw.

    Hope that clears things up. If you’re impatient the stated point of the video can be found at the end. (Time stamps have always been in the description.)

    Thanks for reading and enjoy my new, more fun videos like this one:


  2. Thank goodness I'm out of that state of mind. I've learned before from being in fandoms that creating things just to get a lot of traction (while understandable) can be toxic to the mental health. I've just uploaded a comic series on Webtoon called "Speakeasy". After coming up with comic ideas and tossing them out the window before even posting, I've finally found something I'm comfortable with and I'm having a lot of fun with. Whether or not I get featured as an original or not. I just wanna share my ideas and story with everyone UwU

  3. while your points are solid you keep saying people need "luck" mostly and like. No not really? luck is a factor, but art is like a good 75% of it. If you have great art you have a pretty good chance. Most people saying it's "luck" ngl don't have good enough art and a okay enough story to get the fame naturally so they have to rely on luck, which is two different things.

  4. I'm sure to get hate for this but its my thoughts. I get tired of seeing all these types of videos where the person acts as though everyone watching will never have success. Its basically like saying, don't ever try which if you never try how would you have a shot in the first place. It just feels very discouraging and sometimes even makes people give up. While I feel you shouldn't do this just for money or popularity, it would be nice to have some people reading and enjoying your story. So this advice from creators, who have success isn't very good for the community. Sorry to take that stance but its how I've been feeling with videos like this flooding my recommended.

  5. you have an amazing singing voice!!

  6. I can relate so much with your personality it's almost scary 😂 subbed!

  7. Sincerely i don't think that webtoon it's a great option, or a good one, i want to create a good story like in a real anime and manga, explosions, epic battles, romance that isn't like a Mexican novel, body parts going off and flying (even if it doesn't regenerate), blood everywhere, legendary battles, the characters fighting against their own traumas and winning even if the battle is long or difficult or even losing to it, and even monsters eating humans like if they were eating chips or in a barbecue or even "brutal" scenes like in the original dragon ball z when you see freezer's own attack cutting his own body and flying without that body part, or piccolo dai-maku getting pierced by Goku on the original dragon ball, or a energy attack erasing someone from existence, but webtoon it's like a comic place for all those people that get offended by everything and nothing at the same time in Twitter and Tumblr (specially gringos, lgtb people and feminist), at least a little censor saying that you have to be +18 to read my content, but that's it, and webtoon, at least for me, it's not the right place, it's like X-Chara said in Underverse chapter 3 (the best stories have blood and tears), maybe it actually means, that a good story is one that is made with so much effort, but to me almost literal, stories like that for me, are just so EPIC but in webtoon, it's like censoring Kimetsu no yaiba's best parts, stories like that, to me, are the ones that people can even connect with…

  8. Uhhhh I want to make a comic at for an app that’s popular but the ideas that I have it’s graphic/ bloody for the readers…. Uhh I hate being creative I don’t where place my ideas 😣

  9. I saw the title and already C.A.P.

  10. what app do u use for digital art ?

  11. Get to the damn point

  12. Hello thank you for the advice. I actually want to make a webtoon comic just like you have and get featured as well. I really hope you make it some day best of luck to you.

  13. Ik this is off topic on the video but how did u make ur brush soooo smooth when zoomed or when having a small sized line but its not pixelated im sooo curious im having this problem when making my art lines on a vertical page for comics im just curious if this can be fixed bc im desperate on fixing this 😣

    Anyway i love your video btw ❤️
    Have a cupcake 🧁

  14. the blimp between 2:09–2:10 dead I nearly spit out my beer girl! XD thank you for that lol

  15. Hello may I ask who the girl in your thumbmail

  16. What drawing app u use?

  17. They get to the point at “Make your comic for YOU”

  18. I have some questions: 1: can you use any art app to make your comic or do you have to get clip studio paint app? Cuz I have paint and paint 3D on my laptop. 2: is it a good idea to be properly prepared, especially have 1 or 2 or 3 people who you know to help you with your work since we have to do a lotta panels or pages within a week, should I go create and finish 10 episodes ahead before I start publishing? 3: could people be interested In a comic that isn’t about people but about creatures since i there’s already a lot (and I can’t draw people well) so yeah those are my questions, heh.

  19. Passmetheadobo, are u a Filipino?

  20. yeah so im a new sub- btw yo art is chef freakin kiss

  21. The part when he hit hit his head

  22. Please go straight to the point

  23. My pacing is basically:
    *uploads cutely*
    9 months later
    *uploads cutely*

  24. “You don’t have to be van gough of webtoon”
    Me who has been trying to copy difficult manwha artstyles for my historical romance webtoon: 👁👄👁 so uh anyways…

  25. is there an alternative to webtoon? i want to post my comic but it’s fairly gorey and i’m worried if it does get popular, webtoon will make me tone it down to make it friendlier :/

  26. Lol Just got an Ad from Webtoon 😂

  27. I completely disagree about luck. It takes work and making something compelling to get people to keep reading your work. There is nothing to do with luck if you have made a compelling story and more and more people want to read more of your work that is not luck. Because even if you get featured you can still have a bad comic that will bomb.

    You also have to upload consistently and have a consisten schedule. People like when they know the next episode will be up. You can have a brilliant story the best written and drawn comic but if you're rarely uploading new episodes or your episodes have nothing happen then people will lose interest.

    There is no luck in this business, if you are expecting luck then you will fail and burn yourself out waiting for something to happen. This is a industry about entertainment, you have to adapt you have to be consistent and dependable with your schedule. You have to give yourself deadlines, you have to advertise your work and hustle on other platforms, Comic making is a grind there is no luck.

    You telling people there is luck involved is very very wrong.

  28. I draw more of a traditional newspaper style comic strip. Most Webtoons look like manga and are romantic stories. I would try WEBTOON again, but I don’t think I would get engagement.

  29. Girl! Yous singing is amazing!!! Pls keep doing it if it makes you happy

  30. I am a cartoonist working on a project currently. I have two business partners in the project, neither of which draw. One is the financier of the group and the other claims to be a marketing guru. Our marketing guy convinced us that the easiest way to monetize the project was through webtoons. Thankfully I stumbled on to your videos and now have a much better grasp on the situation. Thank you.

  31. I don't make comics to put on sites like WebToon. But I'm really enjoying the comic "Everything is Fine" with how mysteries it is on the site.

  32. omg u recorded this on my birthday 😀

  33. I thought I skipped to the end of the video by accident lol I'm cracking up at the introduction

  34. Can someone explain in a shorter way so i dont have to watch a 33 minute video with random interruptions? Honestly, this is annoying.

  35. The webtoon I wanted to make it has just made it so I'm all good lol. Shout to the webtoon series 'Ordeal'

  36. Thank you O the algorithm , thank you for the tips and the encouragement. It hit me when you said "Make comic for you not for webtoons" it made me realized I stress myself out over a hobby , while it should be a hobby for me to enjoy, I`m working full time so having time to make comics weekly is quite impossible, so i just made it monthly, or not ..LOL>.<" I`m rambling..

    Thank You , Gonna check out your webtoon

  37. Comicfury is so much better webcomic host. And 100% free with no strings attached.

  38. i doubt this is purely about "luck". it's the consistency and dedication that the developers or editors could sense.
    IF the art and storyline are as crappy as heck, yet there's a big number of faithful followerss/support the content: ii should say you are "lucky" that there's a group of people who could relate and appproves the content, and who knows, IF the content could create large groups of communities it may have a chance of being accepted as the mainstream one day–that is LUCKY

  39. I started a webtoon canvas, and Ive given up. Well, 2 reasons are just some life crap and school starting. I also have a hard time staying motivated and being able to stick to an art style, I can only draw on paper which makes it extremely difficult for me, I'll probably just make a paper comic and ask my friend if she wants to help me.

  40. I just got a webtoon ad while clicking on this

  41. I was so excited when I got many subs on my first webtoon. But then I went back to the beginning and changed it because I thought people would want more action, etc.

    Eventually, I think I made too many changes and the story got too all over the place XD So I decided to put it on indefinite hiatus this year.

    Hopefully my next 2 upcoming projects will be better! Good thing is, I've learnt a bit more about story since that first one. Wishing everyone the best of luck on their creativities! 😀

  42. I just read skelenaut and I love the charcater designs-

  43. Офигеть сколько тут воды, боже

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