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Drawing Backgrounds Made Easy for Webtoon and Comics

Drawing backgrounds and environments sucks, I know the feeling! I hope this video helps you learn to draw backgrounds – made easy. My advice for drawing backgrounds for comics is based on my years of experience drawing Webtoon and comics. Anyone can get better at drawing backgrounds and environments with a few tips and tricks, so let’s make it easier! If you have any tips on how to draw backgrounds easily, please share in the comments.

Perspective video

Talking heads

Brian Allen 3D Modeler

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Walter Ostlie

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  1. Tsk, tsk, Ethan Becker says you can learn perfectly well by tracing! ;P

  2. ´Art is a all juste faking reality’

  3. For me, the problem isn't perspective it's composition. I'm horrible at knowing how much background to put in for what panels. Where I should put the eye level for the best shots for the scene. That kind of stuff. I guess the best bet is keep studying other comic artist's work for this.

  4. Oh my gosh thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you as you said in the beginning of the video I have been very stressed out for a very long time trying to write a comic draw my comic whatever and I always get overwhelmed because of the backgrounds this video is very helpful thank you so much I appreciate you.

  5. I liked the way you asked for a Like and Subscribe 😂, Also very Great information. this helps a bunch.

  6. I have recently started webtoon and im struggling with backrounds like i have seen other having so so awesome backrounds while i have noting ? Makes me really unmotivated 🥺😭 i really struggle on backrounds, i hope i can find some references 3d backrounds app cheap or free . Thanks for this video it helped alot but im still unsure 🤔

  7. I like your explenation , much more easier to digest.

  8. I wanna ask. I’m not really good at drawing background. It comes an idea to use Google Earth to find good place and I screen capture it then I paint over it and use it as my Webtoon background, is that allowed? will I get copyrighted or banned or something?

  9. When u mobile user and cant get Csp

  10. I'm just getting started on drawing backgrounds, and this video taught me alot! Thank you so much. You gained a new subscriber! <3

  11. I actually build some props and vehicles in a game called GMOD, I take a screenshot of what I built and trace over it.

  12. Someday, you all will make it.

  13. Me whos a mobile user who wanted to make backgrounds but dont have an computer 😥

  14. I'm making a webtoon Comic called Research Inc. drawling coming soon but you can read it on Wattpad if you guys want.

  15. Google street view

  16. "Screw em!"

    Thank you. I agree

  17. I use Minecraft to make my desired settings and backgrounds, and just round off the edges afterwards lol

  18. Thank you, im making a webtoon and backgrounds are the bane of my exisistence

  19. If you use something like Sketchup, and the 3D warehouse, is that legal? Or do you need to credit the original creators or how does that work? For reference I'm talking about setting up your object or scene's angle in Sketchup and then tracing a 2D render? Thoughts?

  20. you are really underrated.. thanks a ton

  21. I've been procrastinating on my first chapter's draft forever because I couldn't get this one scene right. Then this just got recommended to me and wow- I am feeling inspired to try again

  22. Where do I get a shirt? I'm loving the comic!!

  23. Try Home design 3D it's a 3D mobile app that fucking helped me omfg

  24. Is SketchUp acceptable? I also notice on some webtoons like unOrdinary that they just put a 3D background and add a blur effect when it comes to close-up shots.

  25. Me: handed you the pickle jar I can’t open
    You: opened immediately
    Me:OBVIOUSLY I’ve loosened it up for you duh

    Haha love your similes

  26. I don’t even do comics, came here for tricks in backgrounds for regular illustration, and your tip of drawing out a 2d layout of the space blew my mind. When you’re at a point where you have a nice simple shape-based composition thumbnail and know where the characters go, when you need to figure out what exactly goes into the background, even 3D blockouts seem a bit daunting just because you aren’t sure what you’re going for yet, especially if you’re designing some weird fantasy architecture rather than a modern world scene. Making a flat layout seems kinda like a precursor/companion to the 3d method, a quick and not scary way to ideate. Thank you so much!! 🙂

  27. Where's the Bryan Allen link?

  28. I think another good idea when mapping out a room would be to look up floor plans online; I use those for references too when I get stuck.

  29. Tbh I simply wander around NY and I take pictures to every hotspot places as a background reference for my webcomic series. Then I draft it by using different color pencils like blue, orange and red along with the 3D human models and objects to connect with the perspective. And I use google images often to look some image that I’m looking for. So yeah I’m not having a hard time about it

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