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Drawing Comics in Procreate from Start to Finish

In this video I walk through all the steps I take to make a comic from beginning to end in Procreate using the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil. I walk through how to make panels and how I like to do lettering all the way to the pencils, inks and colors.



The brushes I use are the Fude pen:

and for the textured color wash I used the Gwosh brush in this set

My Patrion is here:

And if you want to know what tool I use to make my art or videos you can check that out here:

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Brad Colbow

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  1. Just one suggestion for panel frames—- make separate canvases with the desired proportions , fill with white, import png image to master file and resize to desired panel size.

  2. The thing is, I don’t even know how to draw

  3. Love your lessons. Taking your beginner class on udemy. My question here, is what tool draws comic frames faster? You mention there is one…

  4. It may be lazy but I downloaded a pdf file of panels and just inserted them in procreate

  5. Good work

  6. name of the brush you are drawing with?

  7. 2:23 I don't see that menu at the bottom. Was that in the older version?

  8. You should do this again but on the newer update

  9. I wish they would show us the actual start to finish so we could follow along. As in exactly what brush we should use, etc…

  10. The link the Fude pen is broken (video description). It looks like another website hijacked the domain of the Procreate forum and redirected to an article about digital illustration.

  11. OMG such a great way to do it !!! I was going to do the panels on Photoshop and then send them via Airdrop to the iPad and draw onto them but this way is actually much fun 🙂 thanks so much, very good tutorial !!!

  12. This is great!

  13. Thank You so much.👍🏽

  14. This is so satisfy to watch.

  15. Wow, so many layers of detail a peasant such as myself was unaware of.

  16. Bridget liked this

  17. Thanks for the brush!

  18. By using this method, if you ever wanted to print the comic is that possible?

  19. There is a lettering tool go to the tool bar, press the wrench. The. In action there should be a line that says “add text”, first edit it ( there is a botton on the top right) there you chose the font, size, if you want an outline,and to change the colour press the colour botton.

  20. What size canvas did you use?

  21. Yay for procreate adding text!

  22. I was wondering what brush you use… 🙂

  23. That comment about mediabang has saved me, so much time, thank you!!!!

  24. hi!! the link to the pen isn’t irking for some reason


  26. Whats the app mentioned for creating panels? Can't understand its spelling

  27. Hi sir! What was the name of the app you use for the "grids" that is so much faster than Procreate, please? 🙂

  28. I’m confused on how to get the fude pen because when I clicked the link it brought me to a page for alternate apps for procreate

  29. You can add text

  30. UPDATE- you can now draw a rough box in one go- do not take pen off-screen and hold and it snaps into a clean square shape.

  31. GREAT Video!!! Support and love!
    ALso Bro you don't need to detroy your linework by drop filling in the colors, just select the "reference" feature in the layers which allows you to drop colors but in different layers but with the constraint of the linework, allowing you to quick drag and drop colors(or paint bucket if you wanna call it that)

  32. Dude, can u give me your comic template please.

  33. Thank you the only reason I wasn't going to try procreate was the comic making. Wanting one program to do everything color inking and comic panels. I currently have medibang paint and ibis. But curious if procreate is as great as everybody says it is.

  34. What screen protector do you use? I am waiting for mine in the post, it’s taking a while

  35. Is that a surface?

  36. What tablet is he using?

  37. This video LITERALLY SAVED my final school proyect.

  38. Helpful!

  39. What's the name of the book

  40. Lol the video is exactly 11 minutes and 11 seconds

  41. What pen tool did you use for inking??

  42. Thanks mate! Ive been researching to buy either wacom one or ipad 2019. Now im convinced to buy an ipad 2019 becoz my artstyle is mostly cartoons. Thanks again!

  43. Thank you for this informative video! I just discovered your channel and I quickly subscribed. I used to draw my own comics years ago and, while I wanted to pick it up again, I wanted to learn to use technology. I can't wait to get my drawing pad (from your reviews I recently read), and get started again! Again, thank you!

  44. Brad, do you have a drawing course I can purchase, really dig the way you go about your drawings, cheers Casey

  45. What’s the app for comic panel creation?

  46. Thank you so much Brad for sharing this!

  47. How did you got the gwosh and fude pen

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