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Drawing Webcomics – Ep: 02 Introductions & BAND!

Music + Comics = Musicomic.com

Watch Dusty draw the musicomic strip, BAND! #18 as he and Phillip talk about their beginnings in comics and their new Musicomic project, BAND!.

See the finished strip here:

See more of Phillip’s work here:

Other personal work we talk about in the video:

The Lost Boys of the U-Boat Bremen- a horror webcomic by Phillip, Steve Beach, and Ken Bruzenak

Extreme Sax Workouts- by The Mollick Brothers, featuring Dusty as Johnny Screecher


Episode 1- The Screecher

Spoilertoons (Pacific Rim)- written by Phillip, drawn by Dusty

BAND! #5- Dee picks sousaphone

Thanks for watching/sharing!

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