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Easy WordPress Automation with Bit Integrations

Connecting WordPress to a multitude of other online services just got a lot cheaper and easier!

If you want to connect WordPress to the likes of Google Sheets, MailChimp or Encharge, today’s first look at Bit Integrations makes it easy.

Learn how to get started combining and automating WordPress without needing to use internal services or understand coding!

Buy Bit Integrations:

Take your WordPress website and skills to the next level!

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21 Bình luận

  1. Very good work!

  2. Thanks a lot for this video! I was not aware I have had such a fantastic tool at hand! I would love to see more specific video on how to connect WC with Encharge. I tried to do it by myself and failed (at the stage how to tell Encharge segment to receive information from BI).

  3. Great, thanks

  4. Thanks P. 👍 When I see how long Uncanny Automator has been continuing to develop their great tool I hope Bit Integrations continues to actively develop. Webhooks are great. Maybe I will test the tool myself.

  5. hello sir , i knew that u are using crocoblock and i want to ask u . a have created a custom field with custom meta using jet engine . one of that meta fields called "phone num" . i just want to find a way for wordpress to tell me if i have entered a value that i have entered before in another post . i want something like "Unique Title Checker" plugin . i hope that u can help me .

  6. Very cool!

  7. Thanks, Paul. However, I've read they want to keep Bit Integrations small and launch another plugin for advanced automation. Do you know anything about that? I'm not sure if it's a good idea to buy Bit Integrations if they want to keep it simple. Should we wait until they launch the more advanced plugin?

  8. Hey Paul, thanks for the video. Was not aware of that plugin, very handy on next project!

  9. Great review! Looking forward to this. Also… it’s Zap, not Zape. Like Cap, not Cape. Or Nap, Tap… so zap E er 👍🙃

  10. I LOVE this company. I bought 30 LTD licenses for BitForm for only $20 a few years ago. Today, I just learned that ALL the integration features mentioned in "Bit-Integrations" are NATIVE to their form builder as well. I read on one of their newsletters that the team realized what business they were actually in, LOL This is a common theme amongst aspiring entrepreneurs.

    They realized their strength was in coding these integrations and smartly pivoted to making this one of their central specialties.

    In the movie, The Founder, this is illustrated well when Ray Kroc bumps into an enlightened finance guy. Long story short … Ray Kroc figures out he's not in the "hamburger franchise business," he's in the business of real estate, that's going to make him rich as Hades.

  11. Always appreciate your videos Paul. Just the right length, just the right amount of depth, etc. Thanks!
    I'm trying to wrap my head around the use case scenarios for a tool like this. Can you (or anyone) please share some use case scenarios that are NOT triggers from a Form or WooCommerce action?
    Like can a comment on a post, or a new user signup, or those sorts of things also be triggers?
    What other popular triggers can a tool like this work with?
    Thanks for helping me understand better the possibilities!

  12. According to some social media posts this will be the simple plugin and they will divert everything more "pro" like complex setups to another plugin!

  13. ! Yes, I would like to see more advanced automation thanks

  14. There seems to be a limited number of integrations, even with the pro version, and no way to add your own new integrations. In my opinion, this is not ready for prime time. Plus, there are better plugins available for automation, including Automator WP, and Uncanny Automator. However, I am still looking for the best way to integrate plugins with Buddy Boss, via webhooks, triggers, actions and APIs, without having to resort to coding. A plugin with no code functions, hooks, classes and methods would add a great deal of functionality.

  15. Early days for this plugin huh? I see "fewer than 10 active installations" 😬 Seems like a risky buy to me. Doesn't currently integrate with much that I use.

  16. Thanks for sharing Paul, do you have a link to the Appsumo discount and is Appsumo going to pay you commissions for doing a great job of advertising for them?

  17. Hello Paul, great video! Yes, I would like to see more advanced automation. I've been trying to do something similar with Uncanny Automator but I can't seem to make the connections that I'm looking for. For example, I have broken out my website and CRM (FluentCRM Pro) into separate websites for performance purposes. What I've been trying to do is when an Elementor Form is submitted on my website I want to add that contact to a list in my CRM which is on a subdomain. Unfortunately, I have not been successful in creating that integration with Uncanny Automator. I will definitely take a look at this and see if it will do the trick.

  18. Great vid mate. Automation is king. All I need now is an automation to pre-populate the comments and tell you how awesome you are Paul!…

  19. what i've run into with all these automation tools, even the ones currently being hyped up all over social media is that they are lacking on triggers, tons of actions but very litter triggers, only one that has the most triggers is zapier, with that said I'm still buying this

  20. Great video mate. I was just looking for something like it. keep up the good work. Always love your videos learned a lot from you.

  21. Feels like an underwhelming version of Uncanny Automator or AutomatorWP.

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