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Elementor Pro Tutorial With WordPress 5.9

Learn how to create a website using Elementor Pro within WordPress 5.9. Since WordPress 5.9 a lot has changed in the backend of your WordPress website. The Full Site Editing experience is quite tough yet. But using Elementor Pro it is easy-peasy! That is why I created this tutorial.

Get Elementor Pro:
Complete Elementor Pro Tutorial:

WordPress 5.9 Elementor Pro Tutorial

00:00 Intro
00:34 Get Elementor
01:22 Download Elementor Pro

02:10 How NOT To Create A Menu In WordPress 5.9
02:41 Will The Hello Theme Become A Block-theme?
04:20 Create A Menu The Right Way In Elementor Pro
07:01 Create The Header Template
07:59 Configure The Display Options
09:51 Configure Your Elementor Pro Preferences
11:53 Adjust The Menu
12:34 Global Colors
13:46 Global Fonts
16:53 Adjust The Mobile Menu
16:53 Change The Site Width
20:17 Copy and Paste Templates

22:52 Create A Footer
26:47 Show The Latest Posts

Create A Homepage
32:18 Create The Homepage
33:05 An Introduction To The Elementor Page Builder
34:13 Create The Hero
39:13 Create A 3 Column Section
47:17 Create A Youtube Subscribe Section
50:54 Create A Recent Tutorials Section

53:32 Create A Blogpost Template
01:00:52 Thank You

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Ferdy Korpershoek

28 Bình luận

  1. Hi Ferdy, as usual your video is excellent, an I learnt a lot from your videos. I created a new header for my website in wordpress 5.9 using elementor pro, but somehow I see the navigation menu as a toggle, and there is no option of removing the toggle. Any ideas?

  2. Good Sir ❤ Greatly I like Your hard-working ⚒

  3. Does the free version of elementor work as well in WordPress 5.9?

  4. Love it Ferdy .Great tutorial 🙂 THANK YOU

  5. I hoped somebody made it for WP 5.9 and elementor… You're the best man ! I'm news on WP so I' struggling to decide with what set up to learn on Feb 2022 Elementor? or Blocksy + Stackable ? do you checked in deep Blocky and Stackable ? what is your Opinion ? And My question is… could all the site in this video made only using Gutenberg without Elementor or would be impossible without Elementor ? THANKS and sorry for my maybe stupid questions…

  6. That was the question I had, was how many of the extensions or plugins in the old versions of WordPress will be incompatible or no longer work. Your great work is appreciated. Web Yoda, Darrel Wilson, are two others I watch. You three are awesome.

  7. Please how can i put ad to cart and currency converter in my elementor sales page

  8. I have elementor pro the thing is when i open libary the page and block is not there can you please help me how do i get the template kits

  9. Hi Sir,
    The Full Site Editor(Beta) doesn't show up on my site.
    How to enable it?

    Thanks a lot. Keep a great content

  10. Your studio set-up puts mine to shame. Gorgeous!

  11. good, but expensive. I stay with gutenberg.

  12. best awkward ending EVER!

  13. Hi, thanks for the content. But why did you choose Hello theme instead of Astra?

  14. tnx brother.
    can u say what's ur camera model?

  15. Thanks. Just what I was looking for

  16. Useful information that can be put into practice immediately! Thanks for sharing this.

  17. Thank you!

  18. Hey Ferdy, Awsome explication
    At 53:45 i saw another post with Ads in the right column how we can do like them ?

  19. Is it me or has nothing changed to making a site with elementor in wordpress 5.9?

  20. Thanks for this Ferdy. I just cannot get my head around the new system. Thank goodness for Astra and Elementor Pro. I love your way of answering questions. LOL

  21. Hello Ferdy!!! Is it possible to establish a Display condition to specific header that I want to appear only in the mobile versions?

  22. gracias amigo he aprendido mucho de ti

  23. Outstanding as usual. Thank you, Ferdy.

  24. Hey Ferdy. Good work as always.
    At 43:51 why not CSS ID the section you want directly, instead of adding an anchor widget?

  25. Great. I cannot move images inside my gallery – I'm using the Elementor Gallery now that I am using 5.9. Any ideas?

  26. everyone bought licenses in march 😁😂

  27. Ferdy, I thought I was losing my mind. You are the best

  28. Do we start building new website with container block or wait for official release?

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