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Elementor WordPress Tutorial – The Basics in 10 Minutes

In this Elementor WordPress Tutorial, I shall explain to you the basics of Elementor in 10 minutes showing you how Elementor works inside of WordPress. This video shall explain the importance of understanding how Elementor, Elementor Pro, your theme, and WordPress work together.

[Video I referred to]: How to Install Elementor and WordPress. Watch:

Download Elementor for Free via:
(click on ‘Get Started’ in the right corner, they changed the download process)

Check out their pricing option via:

I recommend you buy Siteground for hosting (because they win all the tests and it’s super user friendly):

I recommend Adobe Xd for design software:

→ Gear that I use to create videos
Macbook Pro M1 14 inch:
Camera: Lumix GH5:
Microphone: Shure MV7:
Chair & Sit/stand Desk:
Video editing software:

→ Helpful for beginner
How to Install Elementor and WordPress. Watch:
Elementor Beginners Tutorial. Watch:

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  1. This was so helpful!! Thank you for this!

  2. It's good for creating single ages but how do you edit site wide elemnts like header and footer? How do you make 500 blog posts have the same forat? WordPress is fastly becoming the worst platform for a newbie to build a website on

  3. You're Phenomenal!

  4. What an incredibly clear basic introduction to Elementor. Thank you so much, you've helped me a lot!

  5. There are a lot of options in other free Elementor plugins like Kit etc. Don't need to buy pro to make a great website. Thanks for the vid!

  6. 2:14 Thats not exactly true, elementor can run without a theme , same way html runs on a framework

  7. I’ve always been kinda afraid of getting my hands on WordPress, somehow found this video and idk if anyone else made WordPress so easy and most importantly fun and interesting, I rarely do this, but I had to sub for how well you speak, demonstrate and make everything seem simple and interesting. ❤️

  8. At last I can understand! I'm just starting with WordPress and Elementor (just retired) and was starting to panic a little. I will definitely be following LivingWithPixels from now on. Thank you so much. I am sure I will struggle from time to time, but at least now I may just get the hang of it!! You have a great tutorial way of teaching.

  9. Thank you so much

  10. thank you!!

  11. Bro create a news website using elementor.. 🙏

  12. Thanks for all your time and great videos. You should be #1 on YouTube. The way you explain everything makes my online journey that much more enjoyable. I have been in the website development industry for a while. More on the sales side not the technical side. Finally taking the time to see and understand the hard work and dedication each fulfillment team has put into the building process based on what service or product was sold. Thank You Again.

  13. Thanks for the video. Beginner here, I created edited a WordPress/ theme: Blocksy page using Elementor. I went to edit a page and didn't see my page through the WordPress ALL PAGES section. The page still exists, how can I get this page back on ALL PAGES? Help

  14. do make advance level of elementor

  15. you are really genius. i realyy thankyou from the core of my heart

  16. Nice demo. This looks like what I need to rejuvenate my site. Cheers!

  17. You are fantastic. I am now wearing a smile from ear to ear.

  18. You have to buy the Pro version if you want all the features. I'm starting to get tired of WordPress because these limitations seem to be on everything.

  19. WordPress is absolutely trash.

  20. Hi, very good Tutorial, can I transform a site I created in wordpress and use Elementor? Or does it only work in the Elementor's own template?

  21. Great Video. You made it very easy to understand how to use elementor. This will saves hours and hours, perhaps days of frustration. What about a video on Elementskit Free vs Professional?

  22. Someone who is struggling to get elementor pro, i got it free from here.

  23. I am also start my new channel where I will posting video about Elementor Developing. Elementor is the best page builder on my opinion!

  24. Kudos to this guy. Many of us first need the big picture (top down) vs the excruciating details (bottom up) approach, which many other tutorials use.

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