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  1. :)) check out my channel for a good time ;))))

  2. Hi man I would like to talk to you more about art stuff maybe if you interested making a comic with me if interested

  3. I want to be a full time comic writer, but I can't draw people AT ALL. But I'm not sure where to publish it. Most comic companies care more about politics. But I wouldn't know where to start for self-publishing.

  4. Thanks bro, I have a finished comic book and been looking into possible platforms to publish on.

  5. I'm handdrawing my comics right now. Good old pencil on paper. Does it work to post thoose on Webtoons as well?

  6. Comixology is trash and they don't have good customer service. I've gotten several rejection letters from Comixology because they say that my comic book has "artifacts" in them meaning there's pops of Reds or yellows. And they say the upload them as a PDF. Not only I made them into a PDF (around 600MB) but I removed the little pops of color that was in my black and white manga and they still keep giving me rejection letters. Then they suggested that I should upload them in a TIFF file but my comic book size would be 4GBs. You can only upload a comic book on Comixology that is 1GB.

  7. Ive been trying to find a place to post my web comic and still haven't decided, I like webtoon and I read a lot of stuff on there but going through the terms of service and rules I dont like the idea of them owning my artwork once I post it so I'm not using it.

  8. I was thinking of publishing a manga, but not with a "webtoon" format because I don't like the fact of having to color page by page necessarily, 'cuz my idea is to make my comic in manga format, black and white, with several panels on a single page. The problem is that there are few pages to upload a "manga" do you know any good website? Currently I think I opt for Medibang

  9. I like your content.. I went to know more about you but there was nothing in your bio. Still subbed but you need a bio.

  10. Have you thought about using ComicFury?

  11. I check your webtoon you need more support
    And thx for the vid I’m currently working on my webtoon comic

  12. Well I guess if the game dev thing doesn't end up working out I'll look into web dev for comic distribution.

  13. Hey man I just read all the comics on Webtoons. I enjoyed them thoroughly. And the part with the frozen people did read a lot differently than how it was showed on comixology. Anyways keep up the good work and I promise to pay you back after I graduate from college and get a real job.

  14. Thanks for the info Jack, I aspire to be a comic maker one day and this is really helpful.

  15. All you need to do is get a gang of mad people like yourself, and you will be able to create your own Oasis.

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