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What Does the Fox Say?

Moonlight Garden

Magan and Danai

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  1. Where can i find this?

  2. Here are my favorite gl/wlw Webtoons,
    My dragon girlfriend
    The hideout
    Always human
    Lost in the stars

  3. Muted is one I recommend

  4. Thank you gurl X3

  5. When you're here to find something new to read and that ends up in vain because you've already read them all

  6. "𝐇𝐞𝐫 𝐏𝐞𝐭" 𝐚𝐧𝐝 "𝐋𝐢𝐥𝐲"

  7. Can you guys recommend something like 'What does the fox say' vibe/style ??

  8. What does the fox say is on Tappytoons

  9. Can't find What does the Fox Say….

  10. Sister ahhh I want u to show us or telling us ‘bout how can I verify age in mangarock to read Wdtfs 😭💜

  11. dies of nosebleed

  12. My lesbian webcomic reccomendation:
    Shootaround: A great zombie apocalypse stoy with lovely characters and development, with lesbians galore

  13. Ive been needing yhis list for years! Thank you!!!

  14. can someone help me idk hkw to when i search them up it doesnt work

  15. the only thing straight about me,is my jacket…

  16. I've read the first two and my favourites now. At least we have commonality!Hehe. But I recommend Citrus. Nice manga as well. 👌

  17. On the leash


  19. as you already know lezhin, you might have seen this before but if not, check out 'master of love'

  20. Netsuzou Trap is the best one!

  21. "their story" is also really effin cute!!
    I willl totally check out the stuff you mentioned! thanks for the suggestion ♥

  22. Check out Serenade and Citrus

  23. Their Story, by Tan Jiu, its really lowkey cute with axesome characters, if you liked magan and danai, you'd like this too. You can find it on dynasty-scans I think

  24. I love good webcomic recommendations! and, as with everything, the gayer the better!


  26. https://plus.google.com/u/0/collection/EvSiWB you can actually join and get free updates of manhwas and mangas (YURI) here

    And if you're lazy to touch that link I have some recommendations Ate Kennedy didn't mention

    Tamen de gunshi (SOO CUTE)
    Elixr (SPG)
    Citrus (Cute/Stepsisters)
    Netsozou trap (Cute/SPG)
    Love Doctor (my favourite)
    Pulse (SPG/one of my favourites)
    Lily Love (Cute/SPG/AWESOME/ getting a sequel)
    What does the fox say (it's replotting so it's taking a break) ( I know it was mentioned but i think you should know)
    Blooming InTo You (Cute)

    There's still more but I'm having a memory block X'D

  27. Omg I love your jumper 😍😍😍

  28. If anyone else is interested in webcomics with lesbian protagonists, then I can recommend "Sundaze" by Hale, "Moving In" by Vice, and "The Order of Belfry" by Barbara Perez and MJ Barros. These three can all be found on Tapas.
    "Go get a Roomie" by Clove is one of the greatest webcomics of all time imo, and happens to have an amazing all-queer cast. This includedes the two main characters, who just might, or might not, be more than friends. This one has a really long introduction, as it first takes you through 5 chapters of the characters getting to know eachother. It's also mostly nsfw.
    Also, "Girls With Slingshots" (GWS) by Danielle Corsetto of course has lots of queer characters, and can't be recommended enough, although the main character is straight.
    Oh, and I'm currently reading "How to be a Werewolf", which is a comic about being a werewolf, where none of the main characters are straight. And there are werewolves, and witches! (:

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