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Furry Webcomics III

This One Gave Me Quite A Struggle, But It’s Finally Well done! 😀

I Made The Third Video About The Webcomics That Mostly Inspired Me To Register For Art Classes In College. FW And FW II Were, As Well, My Inspirations To Other Stuff. Now, I’m Trying Hard To Get Readers For These Webcomics Because An Anthro Artist Job Is Never Done. I’m Saying This Because Of Some Requests I Viewed In A Webpage I Found. So Yeah. But Sooner Or Later, I’ll Be Making Videos About Anthro Art And Furries!

Additional Info.

Some Pics Were Googled, MSNed, deviantArted.


Code Name: Hunter

Raine Dog

Faux Pas

Two Way Mirror
(WARNING: Contains Some Mature And Adult Content)

Good Cheese

I Do NOT Own Any Of The Comic Strips, Pictures, OR Song. All Of These Belong To Their Respective Owners. I Just Want To Publish These Webcomics To Those Who Like To Watch Videos A Lot And Then Are Thinking In Reading Some Comics.
I Have To Keep Saying The Same Thing To Avoid WMG. I Had Enough Already With This 7.2 Earthquake That Ocurred Here Where I Live To Confront WMG Issues.

Furry Webcomics IV Comings Soon!!!!

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  1. I do not know if you will respond, but I must try. The Comic Dog Raine simply disappeared from the internet, can not find those pages that you put it in any way.
    I need to know if you still have the files that Comic somewhere, or have some other video about.
    Thank you.

  2. i enjoy them and iv read them a few time

  3. Unfortunately Two way mirror has been discontinued for some time. It had alot of potential and I really enjoyed what has been made. 🙁

  4. Jesus – furry fan fiction has a lot of bullshit, and naive humor. Give me a crew and I'll make a very good webcomic!

  5. good cheese ftw!

  6. thats good to know :3
    do u know these comics? : missmab/dmfa, slightly damned, bittersweet candy bowl,

    those are some of my favorits :3 and vg cats ofcurse.

  7. wow i dident knew any of these comics, thanks for sharing them :3

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