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Goddrifter247sun Podcast episode 2 (Web Comics,Dream Racing Game,Racing clichés)

Hey there guys, goddrifter here! Welcome to my channel we’re I do let’s plays, top 5s, 10s, 20s, Car Shows, Guide, and more! I hope you guys like my videos If so, leave a like and subscribe for more content.
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If you want to ask questions just put #askgd in the latest video.
If you want to join in on the servers I’m in, look for the Yt:live Goddrifter247sun Production to join
Last but certainly not least my schedule is transparent at best so if I’m not streaming, I’m not streaming but there are 4 years of content in the channel

Nguồn: https://grenadesandwich.com/

Xem thêm: https://grenadesandwich.com/web-giai-tri/web-comic/

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