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Godzilla vs. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1, Rogues #1, and More | Best Comic Books of the Week

Godzilla vs. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1, Rogues #1, and More | Best Comic Books of the Week

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What were the best comic books of the week? Find out with my show where I review all my new comic book day books in one show where I rank them from least favorite to best. Here are the comic books I reviewed this week:

Robin #12
Rogues #1
Trial of the Amazons: Wonder Girl #1
Saga #57
Ms Marvel Beyond the Limit #4
Godzilla Vs The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1
Deathstroke INC #7

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10 Bình luận

  1. Have a chance to be featured next episode. What's your pick of the week?

  2. My pick of the week was rogues with deathstroke inc and robin close behind.

  3. Godzilla vs MMPR is a dream come true for me. I want a sequel along with MMPR/TMNT.

  4. My pick of the week is Doctor Aphra #19 & Darth Vader #21! Both comics delivered such good action & great storylines. 😉

  5. Pick of the week goes to Harley Quinn #13! Stephanie Phillips continues to deliver grade A Harley narration/dialog, perfectly accompanied by Rossmo's paneling. It's fun, it's witty, and it has so much heart!

  6. YAY!! I am so happy that in the latest issue of The Godzilla Rangers, Godzilla finally picks up the chartreuse ranger and ingests them!! I have waited so long to see this happen. Those ugly "rangers" have had it coming for a long time. Thank you so much Comic-One for reporting on this. You are such a reliable news source!!!

  7. my pick of the week is robin

  8. There are boxes and bags and boards specifically for the magazine comics. I actually bought them to actually preserve my old Mad and Sports illustrated magazines so, that is where my magazine sized comics go.

  9. Most awesome crossover ever🤘🤘

  10. power rangers vs godzilla sounds fun.

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