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The Witch’s Stone:
One of The Boys:
The falling Lands:
One End:

My Series (Edenlands):

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Good News from Canvas: 01:20
My bad habits and resolutions: 02:45
Recommendations: 11:06

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  1. Hold on coins for reading canvas series every month 👀 Webtoon is speaking my language

  2. Staying healthy is so hard to do 💀 when you started talking about the blue reduction glasses I was like…oh…oh no

  3. go read my webtoon please its "the night of little wounds"

  4. Oh man! A migraine every day sounds absolutely hellish! Glad to hear that they are under control with some meds, but here’s hoping that your “experience more nature,” initiative helps too. It’s the sad reality that all this repetitive work staring into a screen is just not the most healthy endeavor but a standing desk makes a lot of sense to help with all that. I should give it a shot, or figure out a way to do some crunches while drafting.

    That is good news about more Canvas days and I’m sure you’re right that Sunday will become a real popular update day. I’m optimistic that this is signaling a push for Canvas creators, so everyone should put on their Sunday best and try and seduce these readers away from the originals section!

    Great to hear all these comic recs! For a canvas creator I spend a shamefully low amount of time exploring the site, and these all look like solid reads!

  5. i am just chilling and love the video you produce and learn Everytime I watch. i cough of guard when you shout out my series'One End'! So thank you very very much for it , and Yeah we need some adjustments when we work, we need to take care of our selves first. I didn't mind that my readers wasn't that big, I just love I do and being proud what I created and might look back on it in future and tell my self " Yeah! I created that, and I am proud". Anyways thank you again! And let's keep moving forward!!

  6. I believe that health problems and general physical issues aren't talked about enough in the artist and especially digital artist community. I hope we bring more awareness to these serious issues in the future. I hope your health gets better, it is hard to find a balance in the routine and regain good habits. Sending good vibes your way~

  7. Always good to remind ourselves how important taking breaks as well as scheduling breaks are and some really interesting recommendations might add them to my reading list 😁

  8. Great discussion/art and yaaay falling lands, love that comic and artist!

  9. o.o my sister has migraine and it is in her case related to her diet. If she eat tomatos with some kind of other she always get that. My daughter got migraine by peanuts. You should check that out.
    Unfortunately I sit to much either, since I fell new years eve in the morning and messed my knee. I never saw such a bloody mess before on my own body XD.

  10. It’s so cool to watch you draw Castor and Luna! 😍 thank you for the shout out! That’s so kind. Also that is awesome news about canvas. I didn’t know they were going to be giving away coins now! That’s great.

  11. Im so glad TFL got a shoutout from you! I have been following the comic quite some time now, and i still love it for the artwork and humor, but also the story is really cool, and some of the worldbuilding. So i hope you enjoy the rest of it as much as i did.
    I'll definitively check out the other webtoons you recommended. 🙂

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