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History and Origin of Marvel's MADAME WEB!

This is the story of Cassandra Webb, a lady stricken with lack of sight but who could see beyond the normal sight of any person .. this is Madame Web!

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  1. im sooo happy they chose Dakota

  2. Excited to see Sydney Sweeney come out

  3. So she's a mutant.

  4. Fifty Shades of Web

  5. I thought the Madam Web episodes that they made for the 1990s Spider-Man series were bogus. Gave Stan Lee's wife some voice-over action, tho.

  6. YES! I remember her from the cartoon (And the first classic Juggernaut storyline. I thought that Cain actually killed her.). She's actually a pretty cool character (Although I'm not so sure that's true about Julia in her role.).

  7. With Aunt May gone from the mcu Madame Web would be a good mother figure for Peter

  8. I am delighted that Sony will cast Dakota Johnson as Madame Web in her own movie. I can't wait to see how will Dakota as Madame Web look like in the big Screen👈💯🔥⚡🤟😎

  9. I'm happy that Sony cast Dakota Johnson for Madame Web movie. I'm totally unaware of this character so it's nice Sony is starting to give other lesser-known marvel characters associated with Spider-Man a chance to be known. It would be a waste for Sony not to feature marvel characters they own to build up the Sony Spiderman Universe and to see a Spider-Man team up VS Sinister Six.

  10. I really can't SEE this as a movie…SMH

  11. Yes fifty shades of madame 😁

  12. I just know dakota will nail this character 👍🏻👍🏻

  13. So excited For Her own movie coming out 😊

  14. So there making of movie of her huh? dope
    Spidermans universe is the one to explore if they where to explore a new characters development 🙂

  15. The series was such a Masterpiece I always wondered about her thank you for this

  16. One thing I like about Madame Web. If I recall correctly. She was based off of Stan Lee's wife and if I recall she even did the voice for the Spider-Man cartoon during the 90s.

  17. I wish she would be a supporting character for the MCU like in this version she's able to bring back those previous variants from no way home the only one condition they must defeat knull before he takes over all realities.

  18. Hope they dont include this trash to the MCU to justify the Spider-verse.

  19. I had a question. Can Madame Web remove Spider-Man's powers?Genuinely asking.

  20. After the last spider man move i hope she will be in the next move so we can see the old spider man actors and more

  21. Ah yes, I remember her from the classic Juggernaut story. I actually thought that the Juggernaut killed her.

  22. What an old hag. I still like Julia Carpenter and Rachel Carpenter.

  23. Not for not, but years ago (about ten), there was a rumor that one of the "no-name" background characters in at least two of the Sony Spider-Man movies had a person that appeared to be Madame Web from a distance. This was supposedly debunked. Still, I wonder if this hasn't been picked up in the MCU after Disney got to use Webhead. I'm currently rewatching all of his appearances in the MCU to see if there is a sunglass-wearing grey haired paraplegic woman in the background of any of the movies.

  24. Jesse can you do lex Luther have yet to see that you're channel he is one of the most powerful influential characters in the DC universe aside from Maxwell Lord

  25. Is Madame Web a Marvel mutant with an X-Gene, as some would suggest?

  26. She was always one of my favourite characters

  27. Sweet 👍

  28. Madam Web is professor X for the Spider people.👍

  29. I really like your channel keep up the good work 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  30. Must feed the YouTube Algorithm gods

  31. Can you do history of Marvel's Julia_Carpenter Spider_Woman and Anya_Corazon Spider_Girl? And I hope that you're going to do history of Marvel's the Elementals(Hellfire, Magnum, Hydron and Zephyr) real soon

  32. I remember madame web from the spider-man 90's cartoon show. 😀👍

  33. Can you please do history of DC Despero in your next video since no one else has done an origin video of him? And since he made his live action debut in Season 8 of the Flash

  34. What do you think Madam_Web is going to be like in the second Into the Spider Verse movie? Which one of her powers and abilities do you think is the best?

  35. There was a rumor about Madam_Web getting her own movie. If that happened, what do you think the plot would be about and who do you think would be the main villain of that movie?

  36. Does Madam_Web look like Aunt May? Is there a Variant of Aunt May who is Madam_Web?

  37. It's about time someone did a good origin of Madam_Web. I saw her in the 90's Spider-Man series and the Ultimate Spider-Man TV show

  38. I'll always know madame web best from the 90's Spider-Man cartoon and the Spider-Man shattered dimensions video game.

  39. Someone Milla Jovovich should play .

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