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Housepets! (Furry Web Comic) – Furry Review/Analysis

Hey guys! Today we’ll be reviewing/analyzing the Housepets Furry Webcomic created by Rick Griffin! Let’s dive in!!!

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  1. I binge read this series, it's really good. The only problem with being caught up now is that I have to actually wait for the next comic release lol

  2. The biggest problem I have with Housepets is Rick's inability to accept criticism. The second you remotely say something negative about the comic you're suddenly a troll. His boyfriend doesn't make things easier neither, immediately blocking you as soon as you say anything that's not immediate praise.

  3. Hope you eventually went back and read the rest of the early arcs, like skipping ahead you miss out on pretty much all of King's arc throughout the series amalgamating into the Heavens Not enough 3 part arc. In fact I did a vote on the reddit and a pretty large Discord server and that arc was voted the favorite. I only bring this up because up until King's story ultimately peaked he was the most well characterized and pretty much is still one of the most favorite characters. And I could go on about how the most recent arc is Rick trying to recapture what he had with King, but with a new character. But it just like, aint the same cause lots of reasons I will probably end up making a video about one day maybe.

  4. jump complete
    King: let's get ready to read more revivews

  5. Can you review subject9 Plz?. It's my favorite furry story

  6. Ed, Edd, n Eddy is my favorite slice of life anime.

  7. Hi I am back from camp!

  8. This comic series looks great. I would love to read more of this comic and see what adventurers they have. 🙂

  9. Congrats on getting your first patreon supported video

  10. I've heard a lot of great things about this comic! I definitely plan on reading it at some point

  11. Child: ma, why is dad running?
    Mother: shut up and give me another bullet.

  12. Im gonna donate $10 dollars for you to do a review on Twokinds, by Tom Fischbach the brother of markiplier, im all caught up and i must say that this is a action packed webcomic i really like. When you shout me out, it'll be pronounced Neeble lung vah lesty. Its the name of a super on an old rpg called valkyrie profile

  13. Hm, I might check this out 🤔

  14. Housepets was the single piece of media that introduced me to the furry fandom. I can't understate how much of an influence this comic has had on my life.

  15. I've read this for a long time

  16. Ohh pfft. It is so weird to hear you talk about Housepets! comic.

    The forums for that Web Comic is where a mass majority of my friends and I were from, as we were there for a good 3 or so years. However, what I will say is this is not because the comic is good, at least, not anymore. At one point, this comic took itself seriously and told heart felt stories while fleshing out their characters a bit, like a section people call "The King arc" which was magnificent, but now…. try finding a single page that doesn't end in a joke, or a character staring straight up with their mouth open. The jokes were fine before as they were usually told between the chapters, but they are now the entire chapter. Every chapter.

    I will recommend reading the comic though, at least until DnD happens.

  17. housepets comic is one that I have been wanting to read but not to at the same time, the first reason was because I used to think it was a porn comic xD and the other reason is because I get a little nervous getting into new series because lots have really dark humour and I am not into that

    great video again seethe!

  18. Well I don’t really read many comics, but this one looks like it might be worth checking out. Thanks SeetherCord.

  19. Please either do a reading or convince Two Furry Bros to continue theirs with you included as a voice
    Edit: you scared me, I thought it ended, I'm glad it didn't

  20. actually like this vid <3

  21. I enjoyed this Seether 🙂 The web comics I follow are End Town, Savestate, Swords and Sasuages , Nine to Nine and Freefall 😀

  22. When I saw the title and it said comic I thought you was looking at the sea salt comic for a video I said demonetized poor sea salt lol and I was thinking for episode 169 of seether talks in the year 2021 review the comic of sea salt I know it will probably get demonetized even if you censor it but idk it was my idea

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