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How I Make My Webcomic / Webtoon! My Creation Process!

Hello everyone! In this week’s video I am showing how I create my Webcomic/Webtoon, My Next-door Neighbors! I talk about many things like Writing the story, Storyboarding, Speech Balloons, Panels, and more!

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  1. I'd recommend purple planet for music in your comics, their free as long as you credit and there very good!

  2. whats the software she uses?

  3. I have a question, so I always see some fonts used for webtoon stories and I do not know which one. My other question, I don't know how to text it. Uhm example, swish and stuff but I do not know how to do those things.

  4. Her voice is so cute 😍😍😍

  5. Can anyone tell me how to post story book in webtoon ?
    I also wanted to post my own story book but I don't know how to post it.
    And thank you so much for this vdo , now I have an idea how to draw characters.
    Thankyou so much !💙

  6. I posted the wrong comment on the wrong video 🤣

  7. Ur voice is cute as always…

  8. your voice is so sweet i like your videos to much

  9. this video is so helpful and i’m really glad someone with an established comic writes scripts like i do! 😆 also you have a nice voice!!

  10. Your voice is same like OKEH

  11. I dont know how to draw but i know how to make a good story

  12. which app are you using????

  13. what app is that?

  14. Thank you for sharing your process of drawing comic, you give me motivate! Actually I have no mood to draw sometimes because of…

    My friend make a story and me ready for draw a comic

    Also me: Looking at my those assignments haven't finish yet…

  15. How did you draw the outline

  16. Wich app do you use

  17. Well i dropped your webtoon cuz the plot is kinda boring to me.I shoukd check it again.I hope its good

  18. i would probably be the one who writes the story, i need to improve on my digital art

  19. May I asked what you use for your drawing??….please answer…..I want to make my own webtoon….btw i love your voice uwu😊

  20. I want to make a comic
    I have lots of stories also but I can't make characters. What can I do

  21. I want to make one base on the stories i write, but the problem is i dont know how to draw😭😭😭

  22. How to make in android?

  23. lol you sound so cute 😂 thank you for the tips!

  24. Can you tell me the font please ?

  25. What app do you use on drawing it?

  26. Thank you so much, i enjoyed this video and ive been honestly wanting to make a webcomic and webtoon for so long! Its a fantasy/ romance one though! I love my next door neighbours!!

  27. Her Undo button must be withered at this point😂

  28. Hey uhm can I ask you how to post the comics on the webtoon? Also will we get like a money if our comic was popular (sorry for asking this)? Well you see why I ask this is because I know I'm not very good on my YouTube channel so I'm searching for other work to do in this quarantine. I hope you will answer this thank you.

  29. which software do u use to make the webtoons mam

  30. Btw are you Line Arting Brayson?????????

  31. So now we all know the secret to your line art. You go ~slow~

  32. Thank you ✨ and 🔺(imagine the manga finished)🔻

  33. next door neighbor is my fav webtoon

  34. Lol I'm I'm real late to this video but could someone make a webtoon that is in an au of something that exists?

  35. I want to make a webcomic, the only thing stoping me is my computer, it can’t connect to internet so is a whole problem :/

    Anyways I do actually have a story and have an art style that would be good for it

  36. OMG! This is my first time watching this vid and voice is sooooo cute!

  37. I am starting a webtoon but the software Im using doesn’t has some materials or features that I want so when I wanted to try clip studio I was so confused till now so if you can , can you do a coloring tutorial on it ?

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