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How I make Webcomics: Writing Process of Fred Peterson The Mighty Warlord

Hello everyone! First off, THANK YOU for listening to episode 1 of season 2, on Podomatic it JUMPED into the TOP 10 Visual Arts podcast! It also made a huge leap from being in the 5,000s into the the top 3,000s, it was also the most listened to episode EVER of the Serene Chaos Podcast!

As you know, as Patrons YOU get early access to future episodes. In my opinion this was a fun one, on this one I go over the method I use for writing Fred Peterson: The Mighty Warlord!

As many of you know that is my flagship comic here, one of the longest running webcomics and the longest running Puerto Rican super hero comic. I hope you can find anything of value in this episode, share your thoughts and share your own method if you feel so inclined to do so!

Thank you all again for listening, catch you all next time!


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