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How to Add An Image Gallery in WordPress – The Best WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin

In this Tutorial I’m going to show you how to add an image gallery to WordPress. ☆☆ ☆ Download my FREE 2019 Theme “Cento” – – a WordPress Starter Theme for Elementor ☆☆ ☆

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I’m going to show you how to add an image gallery to WordPress using the best WordPress photo gallery plugin. The Envira Gallery is my weapon of choice these days when it comes to free gallery plugins – it’s just ao amazing.

It’s mega easy to set up and is by far the most responsive WordPress Gallery out there.

You can download form the WordPress Repo here:

And the guys form Envira are here:

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  1. Thanks for the video. The intro title says Descritpion, by the way 😀

  2. One of the few who says "free" but does not then give us his code for the "pro".
    Short, able to understand, thank you

  3. I can't register on your website ! And I can't find how to subscribe to your free membership :'(

  4. Looked really nice. Simple and minimalistic. Great video!

  5. Love you. Thumbs up

  6. Wow Jakson, thanks!! Just what I was looking for, a Gallery to place 3 images column on computer, but only 1 on mobile; and this seems to work great, thanks!!

  7. I don't have the enviro option next to add media

  8. Envira is garbage. It has good features, but it doesn't play with anything at all nicely. This is a 3 year old video, but avoid envira.

  9. Good video: clear, direct, well explained. Thanks a lot Jackson!

  10. hi, i am starting png images download website like pngmart com please can you share WordPress theme, thanks

  11. Who was going to check fiverr after 0:22

  12. Envira Free version doesn't have ZOOM function

  13. Tutorial starts at 1:33

  14. Unfortunately, Envira gallery causes problems.

  15. New to WP, looks a nice Gallery. Sort of what I am after, but am looking to display images a description either when hovering or clicking on image. Is this possible with Envira?

  16. Thank you so much.

  17. How do you add clickable links to the Internet. If that not possible it's useless is it. What is this puligin good for?

  18. Hi, I'm having problems adding this gallery to a page created with oxygen, the shortcode shows a tiny gallery which isn't displaying properly. I'm copy and pasting the shortcode link into a shortcode widget in oxygen, but it's not displaying properly, I'm not sure what to do to fix this, any help would be welcome, regards J

  19. Thats awesome Jakson thank you.

  20. I like to use as something like this I have main categories to fruits, vegetables, etc. And under main category products like orange, mangoes under fruits and ladyfinger, cabbage etc.

  21. Jakson you are a life saver. Thanks for the straightforward and very clear explanation. Exactly what I needed.

  22. Hm… I don't understand, why plugin devs are making it so difficult. Why would you first need to create a gallery in an extra space, instead of inline – like the default one from WP

  23. thanks or the video ,I would like to know how to edit the page which we attach to our image in the links box and how can we have a gallery which we press the image it will give us a page with infos about the image and can zoom the image.

  24. The free version of the Envira Gallery plugin is completely worthless. After seeing this video, I installed Envira, created a gallery and then immediately deleted it. Unless you're willing to buy the Pro version, don't bother. In fact, I'd say the free version of Envira is actually the worst gallery plugin I've ever used and I've been building websites since the internet was invented. The free versions of NextGen and Photo Gallery by WD are far superior.

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